My life is growing in this Pandemic time. I am growing as a Content writer all thanks to platforms Like Thrive Global.

My life is growing as I am able to communicate with more personalities around the globe from home due to Content writing. I want to give credit to a few websites like Thrive Global, 25hournews, Indian Daily post, which allowed me to prove my skills as a content writer.

Last few months have been fantastic for me. I am addressing more niches on various sites. Here are some of the things which I feel can help you become a renowned freelance content writer.

Choose your Niche:

To start with, the writer should select his topic because you can not write on all matter. For example, I am a big fan of cricket, and I use to write on cricket started to blog on 25hournews as Cricket Talks with Jigar Saraswat then on Indian daily post I started cricket expert Jigar Saraswat. Then I like writing on  Individuals cricketers, football players, entrepreneurs, actors and all. I also do website content.

Read more:

The second thing you should do as a writer is to start reading articles from various sites. Yes, I use to read articles on multiple niches like Thrive global I feel as best writers who write excellently on various niches. Platforms like Thrive Global, 25hournews and Indian daily post are the best place to showcase their writing talent.

Update yourself and start writing with Keywords:

Learn some necessary skills in digital marketing. Yes, content is king, but only when you can write content with the right keywords else, it is useless. Keywords play an essential role in digital marketing, for example, If I say I want to get trending as a best freelance content writer in Gujarat, India Jigar Saraswat or say Best PR expert in Gujarat India. I will utilize these keywords in the various site, and it will work for sure. It helps you become more trending on different search engines like Google, Yahoo Bing and all. 

Use Writing tools:

The fourth step to grow as a content writer is to use grammar tools. It is essential to use latest tools which can help you in writing.

So this is the tips which I would like to suggest to all the writers who want to grow professionally. Take this field seriously as a content writer’s future is bright in coming time.