Today, I will pay no mind to the voice that says, “I can’t.”

I will believe the voice that says, “I can.”

I will thank the Imposter for doing its best to keep me safe from scary things.

I will do the scary things anyway.

I will waste no time comparing my life to other people’s Instagram feeds.

I will take one step forward. Then another.

Today, I will be courageous.

I will dare to have faith in humanity.

I will give no quarry to hopelessness and despair.

I will prove wrong the cynics who throw their hands up and claim there is nothing to be done.

I will find one small thing that is within my power to change.

I will change it for the better.

I will build the future I wish to see, one brick at a time.

Today, I will be vulnerable.

I will tear down the walls I have built to protect me from pain and rejection.

I will release the love and hurt and tears I have been holding back.

I will be raw.

I will be naked.

I will speak the words I need to speak.

I will make the offerings I need to offer.

I will crack my heart open and let my deepest fears and doubts and yearnings spill out into the world.

I will let the world spill into me.

Today, I will embrace uncertainty.

I will seek wisdom in the midst of doubt and confusion.

I will let go of the need for answers.

I will honor the beauty of the fog along with the path it obscures.

I will wonder at the mystery unfolding before me.

I will surrender to the wilderness of not-knowing.

Today, I will show up as I am.

I will hold space for my shadow as well as my light.

I will resist the urge to fix myself or anyone else.

I will speak my truth.

I will make no apologies.

I will make no excuses.

I will be here and now and whole.

I will tell my own story.

I will let that be enough.