If your day sucks today, then your day will suck tomorrow, too.


Because you are going to approach it with the same mind-set. 

The mind-set of not having enough (of whatever).  The mind-set of dependency on external conditions. The mind-set of failure. 

Any day can be amazing. 

If you allow it to be so. 

You can have the most productive day of your life today. You can have the most exciting day of your life today. You can have the most memorable day of your life today. 

But you probably won’t.

Because you are waiting on some external conditions to change. 

Nothing ever changes for the better on its own.

The only thing that is in your control, is your current moment.  

More precisely: how you respond to your current moment. 

Life might throw its shit at you now. But if you decide that you will take charge and do something about it, then you will feel good about yourself. 

After all, you kicked ass. You did something to improve your life. 

You can say to yourself:

“Well, life is a bitch to me now. But I didn’t give in. I took control, and made the most out of this situation”.

Trust me, you will feel great. 

Perhaps not immediately. But eventually, you will see the situation for what it is. You will see that even though life brings you chaos, you remain calm. 

You remain in control of the situation. 

Even your wedding day can be shit. 

Your wedding day will be shit. If you allow it to be shit. 

One single fight can be enough to ruin the day. One single screw up. One single bad comment. 

And yet, the same fight can also be the best memory of this day. 

The only thing that makes something good or bad, is how you respond to it. 

Even inherently bad events, can have beneficial effects. 

The bankruptcy of your business, can be the starting point of turning your passion into your career. The day you receive news that you have cancer, can be the day that you turn your life around. 

Everything depends on how you perceive it, and what action you take. 

Failure is always temporary.

Sure, you can still fail despite your actions.

There can always be some external factor that destroys everything you have built. 

But then you raise from it even stronger. You keep pushing forward. You turn your failure into success. You grow beyond of what you previously thought possible. 

When something wants to break you, you tell it to fuck off. 

You find a solution for the problem. 

You push forward even harder

Failure is always temporary. Unless you allow it to be permanent. 

If you yourself decide that you are a failure, then you always will be. If you yourself decide that some external event fucked up your life, then your life will screwed up forever. 

You alone make the decision how an event will affect your life.

Some final words:

Regardless of what kind of shit happened to you lately, simply make the decision to perceive today as the best day of your life.

Do everything in your power to fix whatever problem that you have. 

Take control of the situation.

Think about what you can to do improve your life. And then take action. Once you are in action mode, things will automatically change for the better. 

Remember, your mind can only ever focus on one thing.

You can’t have bad feelings, while you are focusing on action. 

Put yourself into action mode. Think about what you can do to fix any of your problems, and then do it. 

Make the decision that today is the best day of your life.