Todd Franzen has always been an entrepreneur. From the earliest days when he posted signs in the neighborhood to fix bicycles to building a 20,000 sq ft office/warehouse building. He was building for McDonalds, Dairy Queen, Wendy’s and many others by the time he was in his mid 20s. He lost everything due to alcoholism by the time he was 30. 

In this article Todd Franzen shares some of his best success tips and more.

Biggest Distress Tips 

Knowing the correct distress tips goes a long way, especially in an industry that has many ups & downs. One distress tip Todd suggests is to always identify your distress. Pinpointing what exactly is the root of an issue usually makes it easier to resolve. Todd also recommends dealing with problems as soon as they arrive. Procrastinating on solving issues can lead to more problems showing up in the process, leading to more build up of stress. Solving issues right away also saves the setback of having worries lingering in your mind when it can be avoided. 

Avoiding Burnouts 

In a career that can have very unpredictable outcomes, a stressful day can be just around the corner. The way Todd prevents a burnout day from taking over is to deal with problems quickly, knocking them out of the way as soon as he can. This then results in saving stress and having better days. Fortunately enough, Franzen genuinely loves what he does and being an entrepreneur, so he avoids burnout by being in the right career field. He then adds on to this by stating he does not come across stressful days too often, since he is always looking forward to what else he can accomplish in his niche. 

Main Tips for Successful Habits 

Everyone has habits, good or bad, it is a natural thing as humans. Creating successful habits is what helps us reach our goals, so you can really see the importance these habits have. Todd explains how the most important tip you can have is to realize your dream and have a purpose. Which he then states that you must have a plan to act on. Having a plan laid out for your dream can help you visualize and achieve your goal at more ease, not excluding the hard work of course. Franzen ends this by saying “Have a goal and then implement a plan! Without this, nothing.”


Motivation is the drive that allows one to keep going on reaching their goals no matter what. Todd mentions something that keeps him motivated is “always making deals and arriving into new territory. You must realize your plan and implement it. Seeing success gives motivation.” He is aware of the motivation you feel when you see results. This is very true and valuable information, allowing others to take in the suggestions that Todd has given to those who accompany him throughout his journey. 


  • Johnny Medina

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    Johnny Medina is a young Entrepreneur who interviews successful Entrepreneurs/Business Owners who are willing to share their success tips & have overcome some challenging obstacles.