I am an Army veteran and I like a challenge — it’s the military in me. I liked the Thrive Challenge because of the fact that it covers so many bases. The different journeys just jumped off the page. Food, fitness, money and family are all the things in life I’m actively working on improving. I’ve lost 30 pounds and my energy level is off the charts. I have a whole new level of positivity and self-confidence. The Thrive Challenge was perfect for where I was in my life. It was exactly what I needed to get me going.

My wife Nicole was the catalyst for change in our lives. 

She was very interested in losing weight and started out just by eating better. She started working out and signed up for a mixed martial arts class, which she just loves. She’s lost 56 pounds, she can deadlift 185 pounds and she goes to the gym three times a week now. I go with her and watch her pound that bag and it’s amazing. We eat only natural food and drink nothing but water now. I’m so proud of her. What her accomplishments said to me was, “Hey, look, you can do this!”

The Thrive Challenge community is pretty special. 

These are my fellow associates and they’re just as busy as I am. It’s such an inclusive community. There are so many different people’s stories about achieving all kinds of big things in their lives. I think the Thrive Challenge adds a little discipline to your life so you can accomplish great things with small changes. I’m just so passionate about the Thrive Challenge! It was time for me to change some things and I think you can do anything for 21 days. After 21 days, you’ll want to keep going and do more.

— Ed Royster, Fulfillment Center #8240; Carrollton, GA; Thrive Challenge Winner

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