Every day another study comes out on overwhelm, employee disengagement, lack of meaningful connection to our work, failure to execute and how to create a sustainable future for our organizations.

At the same time, we are leading through unprecedented change, ongoing digital disruption and a world which will not slow down enough for us to catch up!

The problem is, if we take on all our challenges at once, we will not only greatly contribute to these problems, but we will fail to lead and execute successfully through this new reality at work.

You cannot expect your leaders and managers to succeed in all you have taken on if they are still working the same old way. (Research shows that knowledge workers waste an average of 41% of their time on things that don’t really matter).

So… what’s the answer? What is the role of a leader in a world where we want and need democratized decision making, empowered people, and consensus building? Where we need to engage and focus both individuals and the collective?

Leadership is not just about laying out a vision & strategy, it’s also about rethinking how we work to adapt to this new reality. It’s not just about ensuring we have all the right initiatives launched, having KPI’s and regular debriefs. It’s about giving your people a way to cut through the noise, focus on what matters and actually get these done.

It takes a strong leader, looking at things with fresh eyes, not hesitant to make a bold decision alone from time to time. It takes a leader who understands that you need to pause ever so briefly, to re-equip todays managers and leaders with a way to succeed. It takes a true leader to commit to a new way of working that cuts through the noise, giving a clear a path to success to deliver on commitments made.

You should know that there is a solution! We call this new way of executing Return On Leadership® – Unlocking the capacity you already have to ensure there is ongoing, dedicated leadership capacity to invest in what matters most. 

Don’t make the mistake of waiting for the “right time” to give your people the help they need now, to succeed with your most important current objectives. Don’t make the mistake of being too busy to solve the myriad of negative, costly outcomes that busy creates every single day for your organization.