Covid-19 pandemic has had everyone have to adjust to a new lifestyle. The government has taken different measures to control the spread of the Covid-19 virus. People have found themselves in unforeseen circumstances with too much uncertainty for the future.

As we are adapting to staying at home, we need to think about how we are going to move forward. Youdo not give upand feel that this is the end of the world. Embrace the new life with a positive mindset.

People might be going through psychological problems due to social distancing. It is at these trying moments that we need each other. Get to know how your friends are doing. Be there for them and encourage them.

Unexpected Job Loss

I unexpectedly lost my job in February 2020. The government announced the first case of Covid-19 was before I could figure out what to do next. The pandemic greatly affected the economy leading to the closure of most businesses while some employers were retrenching their employees.

I do not give up easily, even at my most trying moments. Listening to music keeps me calm as I figure out how to solve my problems. I have a collection of songs that I listen to, and “Faithful Too” by Moses Bliss is one of them. This song lifts my spirits. It is a reminder that God will see me through this pandemic the same way he has seen me through so many other challenges that I have gone through in the past.

When I lost my job, I felt confused and lost. I knew that life was about to get hard if I didn’t think of something fast.

Hobby Turned Into Business

On days that you feel overwhelmed by fear and anxiety, you can do exciting activities like or try learning new skills to keep your mind occupied. When nothing seems to work out, you do not give up. You should keep on pressing on because an opportunity will finally open up.

Being unemployed has allowed me to spend more time with my family. I am learning new skills and discovering new hobbies. It is at this period that I have learned how to bake cupcakes.

I have now turned my cooking hobby into a business. Not only is baking exciting, but I am selling the cupcakes to my neighbors. My small business is doing well, and I hope that after the pandemic, it will expand into a bigger entity.

Every sunset brings a promise of a new dawn


The future might be uncertain, but we have the present day to live. Do not give up just yet. Look at life positively. The current lifestyle might be the everyday lifestyle that we need to accept because we know how long the Covid-19 pandemic will last.

Have faith and believe that God has better plans for you. Just like the song says, “You are who, you are yesterday, today and always, what you say is what you do, you never fail, you never change, you are faithful till the end.”