Getting what you really want – does that sound selfish to you? If it does, this article is going to change that. Because this article is part of a series that helps us put meaning in the things we do – and specifically, in the goals we set.

So, how’s that work? Here’s a clue from this quote:

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service to others”.

Did you figure it out? Sure you did. We create meaning by giving something to someone. I mean, sure, a lot of companies have a social conscience and donate revenue or products to great causes, but I am talking about us – the individual. Imagine connecting the stuff we love to do with helping others at the same time? Imagine playing golf, riding bicycles, or doing what you love with making a real difference in others lives? You know the answer to that question, but have you done it?

Here’s how this works: we can take our favorite activity, set a personal goal within that activity, then make a contribution to an outside person or organization that has a direct or symbolic value. It doesn’t have to be about money, it can be about service or anything you believe makes the world a better place. Too many of us have abandoned the things we love because we feel like we don’t have time for them – but when we attach a higher value to them, it creates a tipping point for energy and commitment to achieve that goal for “being in service to others”.

This may sound cheesy, but its the ultimate win-win.

Want to get more of what you really want? Then start putting more meaning into the goals you set by giving something to someone as a result of achieving your goal. That’s a big warm fuzzy all around!

Joel Landi is the best selling author of “Rewired: Power up Performance, Relationships and Purpose” and continues to write articles and essays that address today‚Äôs issues about how to put more meaning into work-life and relationships in a fast-paced world.