This session of creative writing is focused on writing from the energy of the seven muses. Christopher Vogler writes, “Archetypes/Muses are part of the universal language of storytelling and command of their ENERGY is as essential to the writer as breathing.” Each week I will pick a muse and write from its energy. These are the seven muses: Child, Virgin/Maiden, Mother, Siren/Seductress/Whore, Huntress, Crone/Hag/Witch, and Medusa. Can you guess which muse is this week’s?

Magic is in the heart and the heart lives in many places. It is a multifaceted dimension that includes it all and is not confined to one space and time. Neither am I. I cannot be limited. I know. I stand in certainty. I do not compromise my knowledge. I am a little condescending, but that is okay. I am a goddess of power, not compassion. Ego is fine with me. I have no judgments on it. All this hullabaloo about ideas of sacredness is just mental masturbation. I’m fine with masturbation, but the mental kind is a poor substitute for sacred portals into the unknown.

I embody power and embrace it. I love to consume and use and play. Decadence is my currency. I am filled up with power and I am not going to let it go. It cannot be taken from me. The human form is temporary and passing. I don’t mind what happens to it. I will enjoy it. I will allow myself to play and be played. Others think they are winning, but I know I can’t lose. There are no stakes because I know I risk nothing. I have it all and that is why they are drawn to me. My knowing. My certainty. My conviction.

I show how to have it all. I am the entry point to another world to escape the pettiness of menial, meaningless lives and open up to the pleasure and abundance that is available. I love it. I adore it. I revel in it. Let me have it all without limits. The sky is just the beginning. My success is in my awareness of what matters and what is pure. I live that purity that is not the silly human kind based on morals and limitations. I live the purity of honesty. I live the purity of truth. I live the purity of power. I am not afraid to kill or to be killed. I know I live on the knife’s edge. That is what is exciting, titillating, and enlivening. It is fun when it is understood that life is meaningless. There is just too much importance put on living. What is the big deal? Enjoyment of life only comes when death is welcome. Otherwise there is no letting go. Surrender has to include opening up to oblivion.

The freedom of this is sublime. It is the best high that can ever be experienced. The freedom of no attachment allows for ultimate pleasure because nothing is off the table. Everything is available and experience abounds. None of it matters. All of it is welcome, and I show the way. I release from mental constructs. I devour rigidity, and I reveal freedom that melts bones and turns minds to mush. There is always a reformulation and reconstitution, but never to the same form. I require wholehearted surrender without reserve in order to travel to unknown territory. Follow me blindly against all better judgment. Let common sense slip away and listen to the deeper call — a call of wildness, a call of pleasure, a call of ultimate truth.

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