Tool #25 in My Wellness Toolbox is Writing, it is a power tool that can reduce anxieties during uncertain times.

It was only whilst writing ‘My Wellness Toolbox’ that I truly appreciated what a valuable tool writing is and how over more recent years this tool has repeatedly contributed towards making me feel good. Writing enables me to express myself and encourages me to release and let go of the serious stuff and the small stuff.

Writing has been my priority tool during the uncertainties of the UK National Covid-19 Lockdowns… it even led me to write book number two.

As a teenager writing was one of my favourite pastimes, I especially loved creating poems and short stories, even my college choices were based on my love of writing and the plan to be a journalist. That plan did not transpire and instead of heading off to University to study Journalism I found myself working 9-5 on an IT Helpdesk. The writing dried up as technology absorbed all my energy, working life and other priorities took over. I stopped doing something I loved.

If only I knew during the darkest days when anxiety had taken complete hold, that this was a tool that could have lifted me out of the black hole sooner. I didn’t, I can’t change that now, but I can make sure I never let go of it in the future.

Writing is therapeutic and can be very effective in helping you through a healing process, especially if you are struggling to express your feelings through other forms of communication.

These are some of the ways you can use this creative tool to help you:  

  • Write down the bad stuff, the anxieties, the fears. Rip them up and let them go… or pull out my release and let go tool WIDABI – Write It Down and Burn It!
  • Writing about the what, the who or the why, that is upsetting you is a form of release, allowing you to download your thoughts, it can make the situation that is upsetting you clearer and easier to handle.
  • If you are struggling to express how you feel to someone, write them a letter. You do not have to send them the letter, yet just releasing the words can reduce and even remove some of the negative feelings you may be experiencing. This is especially useful when you have feelings of anger.
  • Writing letters to heaven can help through the grieving process, it can bring a sense of closure. It can also encourage the tears that you are holding back to release. When my father-in-law passed away I felt an overwhelming sense of grief for our children, writing a poem on behalf of them not only helped me grieve but they now have a lovely poem about their Grandad that they can read and share as they get older. I also read it at his funeral.
  • When you awake during the night and your head is in overdrive, write the worrying thoughts down to release them… and if it is the bright ideas jogging around your head that keep you awake, write them down in that moment, knowing they will not be forgotten and you can come back to them in your waking day.  
  • When you are struggling to make a decision writing down a list of the pros and cons can bring you some clarity, take away some of the confusion and make the decision process easier.
  • Keeping a Gratitude diary allows you to capture all the things you are grateful for, as you write them down you will feel more grateful, more content and no doubt the process will lead to a smile.  Then on the days you do not feel so grateful you can open your journal and be reminded how fortunate you are by your very own words.
  • Spend time writing funny poems and lovely words in friends and family birthday cards, it can be uplifting for you and them, it can also be a good use of your laughter tool.
  • Write a list, a journal, a diary, a story…… a book?! Creativity disconnects you from stress and encourages you to embrace the moment you are in.  

Writing focuses the mind, calms the mind and brings peace of mind… and its free!!

For me, time & writers block can be the hurdles that can make using this tool difficult. Yet when you find the time to pull out this tool and that pen starts to flow it will be hard to stop. Trust me – you will feel good for it!

Is ‘Writing’ a tool in Your Wellness Toolbox?