The year is 2021. You’ve discovered the most optimal way to get from your WFH (work from home) desk to the coffee machine without waking your COVID companion puppy snoozing in his anti-anxiety bed.

As you wait for your coffee to brew, your 10-year-old niece sends you her latest TikTok dance. You double-tap it to share your love and support. 

Life is… good? Strange? Bizarre? 

To say the least, life has changed. 

But not all change is bad.  

This unrequested yet unavoidable change is providing countless opportunities for individuals across the globe to reinvent themselves, reconnect with their purpose, and realign with the person they want to be.

For many, the hardest challenge of this transformation is staying accountable, actionable, and on track. 

Coaches are the number one source to guide you through this change. Their collective efforts have seen countless individuals excel in life and reach their full potential. 

So how do you know which coach is right for you in your transformation? 

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Listed below are the top 10 coaches who are sure to see you realize your greatest ambitions and thrive in 2021 and beyond. 

Jim Kwik 

As the founder of the ultimate brain boot camp, Jim Kwik has spent over 25 years helping people from all walks of life improve their memory, learn to speed-read, and increase decision-making skills to unleash their superbrain. 

In life, we have coaches for so many things. Fitness, personal development, nutrition, yet all too often the root cause of all this is ignored: the brain! Having undergone a childhood head injury at the age of five, Jim struggled academically, which left him questioning his true potential. After embarking on a journey to discover the habits of his brain, Jim discovered that the brain is capable of rebuilding itself, and he went on to shatter his own limiting beliefs. 

Today, his Kwik-ness (pun intended) has been shared with university students at NYU, Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, and Singularity as well as industry-leading companies including Nike and GE. With clients including Richard Branson’s Virgin and Elon Musk’s SpaceX, it is without question that Jim’s strategic approach to brain transformation is unprecedented. His recent book, Limitless, shares with readers how to “Upgrade your brain, learn anything faster, and unlock your exceptional life.”

If you’re looking to thrive through unlocking your brain’s potential, discover Jim Kwik’s sensational coaching techniques and his transformative book today! 

Natalie Ellis  Co-Founder & CEO of BossBabe

“Be so committed to your dreams that you’re willing to endure discomfort, change, and growth. Refuse to accept anything less than complete love and alignment.” – Natalie Ellis

The powerhouse co-founder and CEO of BossBabe is relentless in her mission to push ambitious women outside of their comfort zone and into a community of abundance, acceptance, and commitment to success. As an expert social media strategist, Natalie has grown the BossBabe’s Instagram following to over 3 million followers in just over 3 years, garnering multiple 7-figure revenue streams in the process. 

Her unwavering ability to foster a viral community of ambitious women has resulted in countless collaborations, multiple public speaking engagements, and endless opportunities for BossBabe’s to thrive. In a world where less than 18% of women hit 6 figures in their business and only 2% reach the 7 figure mark, Natalie Ellis is leading by example in showing women that success is not a secret, but a right. 

To become a BossBabe, join their community of over 100K powerhouse women and develop your own thriving business plan that will take you to 7 figures and beyond. 

Tony Robbins

“I challenge you to make your life a masterpiece. I challenge you to join the ranks of those people who live what they teach, who walk their talk.” – Tony Robbins 

For more than 4 decades, Tony Robbins has been guiding the world to prosperity and success. The serial entrepreneur and #1 NYT bestselling author is regarded globally as a titan in the self-development sphere. To date, Tony has empowered more than 50 million people from over 100 countries around the world through his audio programs, educational videos, and live performances.

The leader that other leaders call upon has worked with four U.S. presidents, top entertainers, and world-renowned athletes. He lends the same words of wisdom, guidance, and encouragement to the masses that he shared directly to individuals. The difference between those who succeed and those who do not is simply their ability to persevere and endure the transformation. With several programs available for clients to choose from, Tony’s coaching services have never been more accessible. 

Ignite, achieve, and excel in your life today, thriving through the power of the Tony Robbins coaching community.

Erin Jewell – Erin Jewell Consulting 

For those seeking to make more out of their teams in 2021, Erin Jewell is the Executive Coach driving this transformation through her focus on strengths and trustworthiness. In working primarily with female leaders in healthcare spanning domestic and international markets, Erin’s track record of success consistently sees these female powerhouses transform their teams and their professional lives. 

As the recipient of an Executive MBA from Villanova University and various certifications in coaching and the practice of mindfulness from around the globe, Erin coaches through the principles of truth, unity, and love. Clients develop the skills to build rapport and trust through their communication techniques, which in turn accelerates the growth of their teams in an authentic and impactful way. 

For Erin’s high-achieving clients, imposter syndrome is all too often a leading deterrent in their pursuit of team-building success. She trains them to combat this by pivoting their perspective to embrace the powerful change they’re creating. 

If you’re a female leader in healthcare searching for ways to make more of your team’s experience, discover Erin’s solution today. 

Rudi Riekstins – InPower University 

Are you ready to stop settling and living in the status quo?

The founder of InPower University and Master Mindset Coach, Rudi Riekstins, has developed a revolutionary program that results in mindset optimization so that his clients can break free from internal barriers that hold them back—shifting from the ordinary to experience the extraordinary life they deserve.  

Rudi understands that every person desires to be something or do something more, and fulfillment only comes from living your best self now, not some obscure date in the future. 

By meeting his clients where they’re at, Rudi offers a wide range of tools from online video courses, group coaching, and one-on-one programs that have proven to unlock his clients’ inner power. 

Join the thousands of people whose lives Rudi has impacted by bridging mindfulness and consciousness to elevate their life. 

Take control today and Thrive for the rest of your life. Discover now

Tina Brigley – Co-Founder of High Performing Coach 

Tina Brigley is the inspirational co-founder of High Performing Coach who is leading by example. In just over a year, she’s helped grow the coaching business from a struggling start-up to a 7-figure success by following the same advice she shares with clients every day. 

In 2017, after decades of working in the field of education, Tina took a bold leap of faith by leaving her role as a Special Education teacher to pursue her true passion – personal and professional coaching. This journey has since seen her champion the TEDx stage, launch her business, and partner with High Performing Coach after being one of their most celebrated clients. 

Tina made a shocking discovery after surveying over 1300 coaches: 70% of coaches were earning less than $2000 a month. She has since been educating her passionate clients to become purpose-driven entrepreneurs. Empowered coaches transform the world and she teaches them how to do this with freedom and ease. 

Want to learn how to do what you love while growing your business in the process? Discover Tina’s coaching services today

Derek Jameson – Wonderful Light Body 

Science and spirituality all too often butt heads in terms of their ideals. Derek Jameson is the multifaceted coach sharing with his clients that they can uncover success without having to pick a side. This Spiritual Life Coach and Law of Attraction Coach bridges the gap between the two, believing them to be expressions of the same. He shares with his clients that the key to success is bringing both science and spirituality into balance through self-paced online programs and live coaching sessions providing actionable advice to achieve life fulfillment. 

As a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Past Life Regression Practitioner, Derek encourages his clients to delve into their past to uncover their present and future purpose. Thousands have benefited from his transformative advice since he began his coaching journey in 2007, including celebrity clients from Grey’s Anatomy, Teen Wolf, and The Queen’s Gambit. 

For those seeking to bring their past and present into alignment to uncover future fulfillment, connect with Derek and thrive in 2021 and beyond.  

Maria Stavrou – The Joyful Coach 

Do you find you often struggle with setting and keeping a schedule? Allowing yourself to carve out free time? Even finding the freedom to experience much-needed downtime? If so, you are not alone. Maria Stavrou is The Joyful Coach committed to offering her clients the skills to achieve success without compromising their livelihood. 

Through providing accountability and business mentorship, Maria’s clients see a proven return on their investment by achieving their highest potential. Her 360-degree packages specialize in helping her clients build their self-worth and ultimately find their true value within themselves. 

As a certified Life Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, and an ILM Level 5 from the Institute of Leadership & Management, Maria is dedicated to providing the best advice, guidance, and accountability to her clients. By helping clients uncover the tools they need to succeed, Maria is providing them the freedom to build the life she knows they deserve. 

If you’re looking to thrive in 2021 but need some accountability to help you stay on track, discover Maria, The Joyful Coach, today.  

Simon Bensaidy

Does your Personal Story and your Mindset have the power to change your life & your business? For Simon Bensaidy, it was powerful enough to take him from being a homeless immigrant living out of his old Toyota Corolla and into the boardrooms of fortune 500 companies as a trusted advisor in Personal Story Reinvention & High-Performance Coaching. 

Having moved to the United States from the impoverished mountains of Morocco in 2009 at the height of the financial crisis, Simon was forced to be resourceful in his pursuit of happiness. This led him to establish a successful decade-long career as an entrepreneur supplying Avionics for Aerospace, Aviation & Military manufacturers.

Today, regarded as one of the most influential coaches in the personal development industry, Simon channels the lessons he learned when overcoming adversity into his coaching techniques. Across the country, hundreds of conscious leaders and organizations are leveling up as a result.  

If you or your organization is seeking to thrive, discover Simon’s powerful personal story reinvention and high-performance tools now. 

Vikram Deol

Have you ever wondered what business coaching can do for you and your business? Could it help you generate more revenue? Fix employee problems? Or even help you get your life back?

If you’ve asked yourself these questions, then you need to check out Vikram Deol. The thought leader and thought provoker has generated more than $250M in sales, becoming one of the nation’s top real estate firms with The Deol Group (TDG).

Motivated by more than just revenue, Vikram believes in using a multifaceted approach because life isn’t one-dimensional. His coaching encompasses the totality of life—from fitness and family to faith and finances.

Since growth happens outside of your comfort zone, Vikram is the kind of coach who will give you the tools you need to go beyond the zone so you can get where you want to go faster.

If you’re ready to grow your business faster while also transforming your life, make sure you connect with Vikram Deol!