‘‘Relationship’’ is quite a complex and complicated word and isn’t that easy to grasp in its full potential. For maintaining a good relationship there are many things which needs to be done on a perpetual basis.

Yeah, that’s what I think is the crux of it all and that is what it comes down to in the end: perpetuality. So, in all the chaos of (yours and mine) human mind and human heart there are certain things, aspects or perspectives (call it whatever you want) which are somewhere or the other necessary…

For a healthy relationship irrespective of its mental, emotional and social nature. Let’s try and explore what they are?

Finding Similarities

If there are no similarities in your way of thinking, your choices, your interests then chances are you won’t be able to get along very well owing to the thought, that you won’t have anything common in general to talk about and exchange your thoughts on! So, (in my experience as well) having similarities in your personalities is a good sign for a healthy and long term relationship.

Being Faithful

Yeah, that is quite important. Especially, if we are talking about a relationship between a man and a woman (love can be cruel at times, trust me). It builds a strong foundation for you both on which you do the dance of life and the most important thing is that you do it, together. That is what that matters!

Respecting Differences

It is completely fine to have differences with each other and interestingly if you don’t have any, then it is a sign that your relation is not that strong and clearly indicates that you don’t share your thoughts with each other in a somewhat friendly manner.

No matter, how much you fight but if in the end if you learn to respect each other’s differences then clearly you will play it along till the end of the line. And everyone wants that! You, me & everyone!

Finding A Way

Do you also feel that your spouse, brother, mother or lover is not getting what you want to or are trying to explain them? If yes, then you are not alone. Yeah me, you and just about everyone on the planet goes through that and I know that it can be quite frustrating but if you love them then, you need to find a way together to come to a neutral ground.

Because in the end, the hearts that must win and not the ego!

Not Me (But) Us

If you work with this mantra, then surely chances are your relationship will be quite successful with minimum downs and lows and maximum of fun and joyful highs.

Learn To Forgive

Now this is quite exceptionally significant of an aspect of just about any relationship. With this attitude, no matter how tough a spin your relationship experiences but in the end, you will see yourselves together.

Build Trust

Perhaps this is the most special and immensely significant factor which is responsible factor for building a strong relationship. The availability of adequate amounts of trust generates joy, pleasure, mutual respect in any relationship leading to the overall happiness and contentment.


If you are good at controlling your anger and you do think before blabbering out just about anything to your partner so as not to disrupt or generate any kind of issue, then it is an absolutely good sign for a long lasting and wonderful relationship.

Make Promises & Fulfill Them

Make promises to each other of love, promises of spending the good and the bad times with each other till the end of your lives. Yeah, it may sound like a romantic movie dialogue but in the end that is what relationships are all about. The very purpose of it is to empower you mentally, socially and emotionally. Isn’t it so?

Letting Go

And culminating this topic, I can say that letting go is the conclusion of everything in life. Knowing this will help you in creating strong bonds and creating some really magnificent moments of your life. It is in this very sense of letting go that you can spread unconditional and pure love.

And yeah because, it is complicated! Isn’t it so?