In this era of geeks, not only the doctors or lawyers earned the most but IT professionals are also moving faster in this race. To give you a clear idea of where should you move in this industry, here is the list of top 10 highest paying jobs in IT industries that have been designed after a careful research and the latest market trends.

So, let the discussion begin from the highest paying job to the lowest ones –

  1. Data Scientist

A data scientist is the person responsible for structuring data from multiple sources and leveraging the power of computing frameworks to the business process is the most essential technical skill needed to become a Data Scientist. An average salary of Data Scientist $1,39,840. 

Skills-set to become a Data Scientist

  • Mathematical skills, statistical analysis, machine learning tools or techniques.

  • Data cleaning, data management, Data Mining

  • Software Engineering Skills

  • Tools to manage unstructured data

  • SAS and R programming Languages

  • SQL databases or Data Query Language

  • Basic knowledge of Python, Perl, C, C++, Java

  • Knowledge of Big Data platform i.e. Hadoop

  • Cloud computing skills 

  1. Hadoop Big Data Solution Architect

Hadoop solution architect is responsible to manage full-stack big data solutions. The responsibilities of a big data Hadoop professional includes requirement analysis, preparing technical architecture, app design, and development, testing, deployment of big data solution etc.

To become a successful big data solution architect, you should have experience with multiple big data tools like MapReduce, Hive, HBase, MongoDB, Cassandra, Mahout, Oozie, Flume, Zookeepers, and other Hadoop ecosystem tools etc.

Today, big data professionals are needed in almost every organization who are interested in building big data environment over the cloud. So, basic knowledge of cloud platform like AWS would be added advantage.

  1. IoT Consultants or Solution Architects

If you wanted to become an IoT solution architect, you must have a strong knowledge of the hardware design and IT infrastructure to build more powerful and smarter ecosystems. Being an IoT consultant in the team, you should have a deep knowledge of networking concepts and learn to implement smarter solutions for clients as well.

The responsibilities of a skilled IoT consultant include problem identification, architecting solution, defining hardware or software specifications, system design, implementation, testing, client training, or deployment etc. You should be sure –

  • How to architect powerful end-to-end IoT solutions for customers?

  • How to develop an overall IT ecosystem as per the IoT solution Framework?

  • How to contribute towards advancements of IoT consulting practices?

  1. Blockchain Engineer or Developer

To become a Blockchain engineer, the person should have in-depth knowledge of the distributed technologies, Consensus mechanisms, encryption algorithms etc. The primary responsibilities of a blockchain engineer involve developing robust business solutions through various blockchain techniques as mentioned below –

  • Designing the architecture or infrastructure of a system.

  • Basic knowledge of Linux / Unix platform and the shell scripting.

  • Hands-on expertize in multiple languages like Solidity, Node Js, Angular JS, Go lang, etc.

  • The practical knowledge of multiple blockchain implementations like Ethereum, Hyperledger, or multichain etc.

  • Maintenance of existing business solutions and scaling them to adopt blockchain as the core infrastructure.

  1. AI Engineer or AI Architect

In simple terms, AI is responsible for creating just the smarter machines. The main job role of an AI architect includes delivering tough AI solutions as per client needs and expectations. For this purpose, you should be excellent with statistical and mathematical skills.

  • The person should have strong knowledge of AI technologies like machine learning, AI algorithms, deep learning etc.

  1. System Architects / System Developers

To become a proficient system architect, you should be proficient in strategic system architecture design and development, system or network development, QA techniques etc. A skilled system architect is responsible for the following tasks as mentioned below –

  • He has to look after strategy and planning of system for defining or implementing strategic goals for system maintenance or planning.

  • He is responsible for designing, developing, monitoring, or implementing end-to-end integrated systems.

  • He is responsible for infrastructure development after a meaningful consultation with end-users or department heads.

  • The professional is tasked with the focused or integrated development of systems even if requirements are changing consistently.

  1. DevOps Engineer

The major job responsibility of a DevOps includes developing software that could be deployed quickly. He should also know about the cloud automation and orchestration with DevOps tools. Here is a quick set of skills recommendation for the DevOps profile –

  • Being a lead DevOps engineer, you are responsible for designing the infrastructure or architecture.

  • He should be an expert in shell scripting, Unix or Linux commands etc,

  • The basic knowledge of Perl, PHP, Ruby or Java could be an added advantage.

  • The hands-on experience with various cloud services like Azure, Google Cloud, or AWS is also needed.

  • Finally, the practical experience with DevOps tools like Git, Maven, Docker, Chef, Jenkins, Nagios, Puppet is required to become a successful DevOps engineer.

  1. Product Manager

Leadership skills are just essential to become a product manager and he is tasked to manage different projects together from various departments. The good analytical skills and management capabilities can add more value to your profile. He should know how to deal with stress and remove obstacles or challenges.

  • The person should have the basic knowledge of languages like Java or JS.

  • A basic knowledge of SQL commands would be an extra advantage.

  • To perform the analysis work, he should have basic knowledge of Tableau or Google Analytics.

  • Hands-on experience with Gantt charts, PERT, critical path methods etc that furthers helps in scheduling and management of the product.

  1. Cloud Solution Architect

A cloud expert leads the cultural changes for the cloud adoption. He is tasked to develop and coordinate the cloud architecture. He is able to design, orchestrate, and integrate complex cloud architectures.

So, every cloud expert must have the following skills –

  • He must be sure of the basic cloud computing concepts.

  • He should have experience on one of the major cloud platforms like AWS or Salesforce.

  • He should know how to develop a cloud strategy and coordinate solutions.

  • The hands-on expertize with multiple cloud services is recommended for cloud experts like Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform etc.

  1. Full – Stack Developer

To become a full-stack developer, the person should have knowledge of multiple front languages like HTML, CSS, or JS etc.

He must have hands-on expertize with popular JavaScript libraries like Angular JS, React JS, and Ember etc.

You should also have in-depth knowledge of server-side languages like Python, Ruby, Java, or PHP etc.

Required basic knowledge of databases as well like SQL or Oracle etc.

Final Words:

So, we have listed the top paid jobs in IT and ranking higher currently. What do you want to learn from these? Learn the new IT technologies, join IT training institute, clear certification exams, and start getting fat paychecks quickly.