Rest and peace

There is probably no such thing as a lot of opinions are impossible to form. Meditation is also no exception, and as soon as you hear this word, various thoughts arise: Is meditation good for me? Will I be able to sit for hours? After all, who might want to meditate at all? So, make 10 myths about meditation, make sure for yourself.  

1. Meditation is concentration. 

Meditation is initially a deconcentration, a complete recognition of the mind. It is the release of all efforts, and when we release them, we find ourselves in a state of deep rest. It is only when the mind is at rest that it is always better to concentrate. These are the main benefits that meditation can bring.  

2. Meditation is a religious practice. 

Meditation is a very ancient practice that outstrips visa religions by its age. Meditation manages to unite visa religions, folk, and faith in unity. Just as everyone has the same fresh sun, meditation is beneficial to everyone.  

3. You must meditate in lotus pose. 

It is much more important for those who are meditating to feel comfortable and stable – this helps in deeper meditation. Finally, sit crossed legs, albeit on the couch – everything is in order. However, when you start meditating in a better posture, such spines are straight and your head, neck, and shoulders-relax and be energized. 

4. Meditation is for the elderly. 

Meditation is universal and makes life more valuable to people of all ages. It is possible to start meditating at the age of eight or nine. Just as the shower keeps the body clean, so meditation is the answer to the purity of the mind. 

5. Meditation is hypnotization itself. 

Rather, meditation is the antidote to hypnosis. The person being hypnotized is not conscious of what he is experiencing. Meditation is the full awareness of every moment. Hypnosis guides a person in his or her subconscious mind, impressions trapped in them, and misleads the mind. Meditation takes us to the conclusion to keep our consciousness fresh and clean. Hypnosis provokes metabolism and meditation reduces it.  

6. Meditation is the control of thoughts. 

Thoughts come uninvited. Trying to control them requires effort, and the path to relaxation of mind is lack of effort. As we meditate, we accept the simplest visas, rise above them, and retreat to a deep inner abode of silence and tranquility. 

7. Meditation is a way to escape from problems. 

On the contrary, during meditation, the forces accept problems with a smile. To act constructively through the skills gained through meditation in difficult, stressful situations. Meditation builds in our inner strength and confidence. 

8. You need to meditate easily when you go into deep meditation.  

You do not have to sit again for deep meditation experience. Connecting with your deep, inner centers of existence can happen in an instant. Just 20 minutes of meditation every morning and evening is the best way to take you on that wonderful inner journey. 

9. If you meditate, you will become a sanyasi (monk or hermit). 

You do not have to give up worldly life to meditate or improve spiritually. Relaxed, recognizing that reason and peaceful thoughts allow you to live happily and spread happiness in your family and the needs of those around you. 

10. Finalize meditation only at certain times, return at certain times. 

Performing meditation is a good time at all times and in any direction of the world. The only thing that can be easily recognized is that your stomach could be stuffed; otherwise, instead of meditating, you will simply be removed because you will feel numb. Either way, it is easy to benefit from meditating at sunset and sunrise as it can help keep you up all day.