There are some couple we wish we could be like, but then there are other couples – annoying couples that no one really wants to be around for fear that they might commit any of the following 10 annoying couple sins.

You kiss constantly

It’s great that you love each other and like to show each other affection, but if you’re in a restaurant or with another couple who is clearly uncomfortable with it, try to keep the kissing to a minimum, will ya?

Public displays of affection usually aren’t well received in most places, but a peck on the lips is okay sometimes. But if you’re all out, tongue-in-throat kissing, you really need to check yourselves.

You talk baby talk to each other

It might be cute to hear a girl talking to her boyfriend like a baby every now and again, but that tish gets annoying quite quickly. There’s nothing more nerve pinching than hearing a woman talk to her boyfriend like a 6-year-old.

Grow up and please say what you mean without mispronouncing it on purpose.

You argue in front of people

I remember having gone out for dinner with a couple once only to hear them argue about every little thing that went on that night and in their past. It seemed like they really hated each other.

What’s more uncomfortable than watching a couple make out constantly is watching a couple who are one butter knife away from killing each other.

You talk over each other

She’s telling a story and you want to chime in every 4 seconds because you think she left something out. The people listening to you don’t care; tell the damn story and let’s move on.

It’s great that you know each other so well that you can finish each other’s sentences, but we just don’t think that’s charming. Sorry.

You don’t seem to like each other

You don’t argue, you don’t kiss, hell you don’t even acknowledge each other. You sit there like strangers and just people watch because you know that if you do talk to each, someone’s going to bring up the pink elephant in the corner.

If you don’t like each other, don’t expose the world, especially other couples to your mutual hatred for one another. There’s nothing more annoying than having dinner with a couple who would clearly rather be somewhere else, preferably alone.

You criticize single friends

Now that you’re part of a couple, you think that being single is like a disease and no one should be experiencing it. You have nothing but choice words for those who opt to remain single.

From trying to set them up to insisting that they’re doing something wrong because they’re still single, annoying couples tend to insist that “normal” people all want to be with someone.

You feed each other

It’s wonderful that your meal is so awesome that your girlfriend just has to taste it. But dude, all you have to do is take her fork, cut up a piece and hand it to her. You don’t have to turn it into some dramatic production.

Annoying couples tend to feed each other as though they’re in some romantic novel or something. Nobody thinks it’s cute.

You have millions of inside jokes

After being together for years, you are bound to have some inside jokes that no one else will understand, and that’s great for you. But do you really need to bring up every single one in a 4-hour span?

We obviously won’t get it and yes, we had to be there, but we weren’t. So do you mind keeping your myriad inside jokes to yourselves?

You use pet names

I remember the Seinfeld episode where Jerry and his girlfriend kept referring to each other as “shmoopie” and it would piss George off. Well, George is not alone.

There’s nothing more annoying than listening to couples refer to each other as these bizarre pet names like bunny. Stop it. Stop it now.

You dress alike

It’s one of the ultimate sins of coupledom. I mean, it’s bad enough that couples start to look alike after a while, but my goodness, is it really necessary to coordinate your outfits?

What is it? You don’t want to clash with each other? It just doesn’t make sense. Dressing alike is by far the most annoying thing a couple could do.


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