More than half of mothers dread going back to work after giving birth, according to a new study.

New research by OnePoll asked 1,000 mothers about their worries from break feeding to finding the right work and life balance after leaving work, finding that 51% worried about being a working mom.

While out on maternity leave, mothers worried if they’d have the energy to apply themselves to work and their new role as a mother. Forty-percent said they felt they would get too tired to do their job properly while 82% reported being concerned about maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

More than a quarter of working moms worried about how they would be treated when returning to work. Over a third said they felt like their role has changed since leaving and were also worried by the overturn in colleagues in the office.

Other post-maternity leave worries included feeling overwhelmed (39%), feeling intimidated (30%), or making mistakes in their work (23%).

Top 10 working mom worries

  1. Being too tired to work 40%
  2. Leaking in my work clothes 39%
  3. My job/role had changed while I was gone 37%
  4. Not fitting into my office clothes 35%
  5. New processes 35%
  6. Change of colleagues 34%
  7. How people would treat me 29%
  8. Not being able to pump in the office 28%
  9. Not having appropriate clothes for pumping 26%
  10. People judging me for the way I look 24%

Top 5 post-maternity leave experience concerns

  1. Worry about work/life balance 46%
  2. Feeling overwhelmed 39%
  3. Feeling intimidated 30%
  4. Having milk leakage through my clothes 29%
  5. Making mistakes in my work 23%

Top 5 working mom concerns

  1. Missing special moments 55%
  2. If the baby was being fed properly 53%
  3. If the baby was safe 52%
  4. If the baby was crying 47%
  5. Feeling guilty of being away from baby 47%

Originally published on The Ladders.

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