It is crucial to point out that there is no magic bullet that will make you a rich and successful entrepreneur overnight. Those who work hard to succeed, however, can develop an almost formulaic blend of entrepreneurial skills that help them stand out from the competition. Entrepreneurs who succeed are always ready to dust themselves down after rejections and find an alternative route to the top, no matter how many knock-backs and rejections they receive. Taking a business idea from the realms of the mind and turning it into a profitable enterprise requires this kind of tenacity. We’ve compiled a list of top 10 thriving entrepreneurs that you should be keeping tabs on in 2022 to get some motivation!

Vadim Finayev

The Founder and CEO of, Vadim Finayev, shows agents, consultants and service providers in the United Arab Emirates how to position themselves as specialists online from scratch with focus on attracting new clients online. Vadim Finayev’s interest in psychology, marketing and sales dates back to his childhood. He generated 7,000 prospects in his first year of being thrown into a lion’s cage, with a 90% closing rate, because he recognized early on that marketing and sales are subjects that should be systemized.

Since then, his consultancy has grown exponentially as he has emerged as the leading marketing consultant in Dubai and has helped more than 1,000 entrepreneurs in different countries succeed in their business. Vadim’s success is based on his ability to identify problems, create clarity, and come up with practical and lasting solutions. With Vadim and his team, you can now scale your business as an agent, consultant, or service provider, as he has now opened a new waitlist for his services.

Positive B White

Sometimes remaining committed to your values and dreams is not that easy, especially when all the odds are against you. But some entrepreneurs like Brandon White, a.k.a. Positive B White definitely withstood the test of time. An entrepreneur, philanthropist, motivational speaker, and marketing expert, he is recognized as a virtuoso in all of these fields by his peers. Brandon’s ability to work one-on-one with his customers makes him unique in the industry. Positive Passionate Motivated Advertising LLC, his marketing company and motivational platform, is committed to making your business the talk of the town.

Brandon is a graduate of the University of West Georgia with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. His master’s degree is in Aviation Management from Clayton State University. Brandon comes from a modest background, like most major stars. In his early years, Brandon worked for the well-known Atlanta Falcons’ Public Relations department. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for him to interact directly with athletes and gain insights into their perspectives. It was also there that he was praised for his ability to narrate the players’ inner stories in an original and natural manner. Taking things to the next level, he started Positive Passionate Motivated Advertising LLC in 2014. It is worth mentioning that Brandon did not take out a bank loan. Working hard and investing his own money helped him build the firm’s foundations. Instead of copying and going along the gradient, he followed his passion.

Jantoin TheDon

Jantoin TheDon is one of the leading figures in the new generation of contemporary artists. Born and raised in Detroit, MI, Jantoin Thompson previously went by the moniker of Jay Money and later rebranded as Jantoin TheDon. He is a self-taught recording artist, producer, engineer, songwriter, and entrepreneur who is all about challenging the established status quo and experimenting with the new elements.

He is also a savvy businessman who has been away from music since 2013. In July of 2014, he officially retired to focus on making some fat stacks. Forex-trading and crypto-currency dealing were his first endeavors. In fact, he has published a book on Amazon. As a mentor, he is impressed by young entrepreneurs who harness technology and the internet to their benefit. He himself has grown his Instagram following from 1,600 followers to over 100,000.

Jantoin TheDon produces innovative and creative music that motivates, inspires, comforts, and expresses himself in an innovative way. He is continually evolving and reinventing himself and his music. Two Pac, DMX, and Jay Z are some of the big influences and inspirations in his life as well as a group from his hometown called Rock Bottom Entertainment. The majority of his time is spent traveling and brainstorming new ways for him and his business partners to generate additional income. Jantoin is also an active member of the community and a giver. In order to help underprivileged youth, he is currently setting up an outreach program.

Jantoin TheDon released in 2021 titled Stunna Shades (remix). In this unique piece of musical artistry, TheDon showcases his lyricism in collaboration with Yung Vain. The overarching goal of his music is to tell a tale and inspire those who resonate with it, as well as to create something different, unique, and meaningful. His aim is to be successful and provide his two beautiful daughters with the best life possible.

Tyraa Nicole

Tyraa Caldwell Nicole is a progressive, confident, and trustworthy real estate agent with 16 years of experience. She is an entrepreneur, teacher, mentor, women empowerment activist, and a mother of two teenage girls. Her greatest achievement has been building Tyraa Nicole Property Management LLC into a successful company. She plans on expanding her business by assisting clients in all aspects of real estate. As a mother, her primary goal has always been to be the most ideal, friendly, and exemplary person she can be. Tyraa also ranked among the top 10 successful entrepreneurs in a recent survey.

As a top agency in the real estate market, Tyraa Nicole Property Management LLC is dedicated to delivering exceptional results to its clients. The company was founded by Tyraa Caldwell in Southfield, Michigan, in 2014. The company has a wide range of services to offer. Tyraa Caldwell, the founder and CEO of the company, leads the entire team. In addition to serving as an affiliate broker, she oversees sales of properties for a number of agents. She also manages over 250 residential and family apartments. As Tyraa points out, it all boils down to acquiring and repositioning assets with significant value addition potential. Currently, her rental business is doing very well. The team she works with manages multi-family properties. After automating her business, she plans to focus on real estate investing, teaching, educating, and mentoring. She has developed an app, Rentagade, which will facilitate renters when they search for a place to live.

Jonah Vella

Countless times, we have to deal with life’s interruptions – bills pile up, and sometimes we even have to do jobs we don’t want to do. But following your dreams, breaking the trends, and living the life you’ve always wanted can still be accomplished, just as Jonah did. Jonah Vella is a 26 years young entrepreneur, digital content creator, business development advisor, and startup investor. He was born & raised in Malta, Europe. Academically, he focused on studying law, but in 2017 he dropped out of law school in order to pursue his dream of traveling the world.

Jonah now resides in LV, Nevada. He started off as a videographer & photographer in the poker industry, working with Joey Ingram, Poker Central, PokerNews, etc. He then transitioned into Esports, producing content for Amazon & Estars, creating content for games such as Fort-nite, Valorant and CS:GO, and airing them on ESPN & Twitch.

He also worked in management & business development for quite sometime and ended up becoming the former #1 Poker Player Fedor Holz’s Manager as well as an advisor for Fly First For Less (A VIP Concierge Travel Company) and Prizeout (Fintech Company). Finally, he ended up touring the world for 3 years with DJs such as R3hab & Justin Mylo, as their content creator, producing content and reaching hundreds of millions of viewers.

On top of all that, Jonah spends a lot of time focusing on his passion: music! He will be releasing more music in 2022, and we expect to see him performing at more clubs and festivals across the globe. He is also looking forward to growing and expanding his entrepreneurial ventures in the coming year. So keep tabs on his insta!

Jonah enjoys supporting fellow entrepreneurs, and has invested in companies such as The Plug Drink, Toto Foods, Triller, Vita Clean, etc. Jonah’s best advice for the young lot of entrepreneurs is to not be afraid of quitting. Picking your spots well, and knowing when to go all in, and when to go all out, is key.

Henny West

His childhood was spent in a less-than-ideal neighborhood. Once he narrowly escaped death in a gunshot. Henny was saved by the grace of God. During those times, he turned to music for solace. In all that chaos and restlessness, he needed a way to express himself, to be himself. When Henny was 15, he decided to take up music. To cover his daily expenses and needs, he also used to work side-by-side on other related gigs. Now, it has been over 20 years since he has been in the field.

He has released an album called “1440” recently. He was inspired by the total number of minutes in a single day, 1440. He is also working on a new project called TrapRock, which is a fusion of Rock and Hip Hop with a soulful feel. Interesting, isn’t it?

Sarita Pittman

Sarita Pittman has been the mentor of many aspiring entrepreneurs and corporate executives. Through her experience in mentoring and leadership, she has become an insightful and powerful life and business coach. As a result of her solid academic and professional background, she is able to help people envision and achieve success. Among Sarita’s prestigious qualifications are Certified Trichologist, Board Certified Master Coach, and Holistic Healthcare Practitioner. Additionally, she is about to complete her Ph.D. in Natural Medicine and Nutritional Sciences. She is a graduate of Cornell University and anticipates more achievements in her future. As the founder of the Atiras International Coaching Academy, she is highly proud of her accomplishments.

Due to her extensive mentoring experience, she has been able to assist individuals from all walks of life in achieving their goals. She has followers from almost every sector, from those who are looking to advance in the corporate world to those looking to establish an empire of their own. Over 300 brands have reached seven figures under her leadership.

In addition to executive coaching and soft skill development, she has experience in curriculum development and personal development. She has been a master cosmetologist for years and now builds beautiful brands. She has worked extensively in the beauty and healthcare industries in the past. She possesses the tenacity and drive necessary to earn millions without becoming exhausted in a fast-paced work environment. Additionally, she is focusing on strategies for branding and communication that increase income and create popular business models.

One of her services is helping clients secure endorsement deals, which may help build their careers. Other than digital-marketing and brand endorsements, she offers her clients a wide range of services, including web design, ghostwriting, event planning, podcast writing, creating high-ranking digital products, managing marketing campaigns, and helping them improve their S.E.O game. She has gained a great deal of goodwill from her clients especially for her ability to create thoughtful and genuine marketing messages. She is also known for booking high level interviews for her clients that have the potential to get their businesses years ahead of their competition.

Gianni Senesi

Since he is also in his twenties, he would not be wrong to be regarded as the beacon of inspiration for the younger generation. In the early days, entrepreneurs first coined the term “digital-marketing” after realizing the potential of e-commerce and digital-marketing. It struck Gianni right away. Gianni specialized in digital-marketing online when Facebook was first launched and promoted in the masses. He was one of the first to see the potential of Facebook as a digital-marketing platform.

His clients even rely on him to manage their online PR. As well as digital-marketing, Gianni continued to build on his expertise in e-commerce consulting. He has worked with a number of multinational companies during his career. He has gained a good reputation in the market as an e-commerce specialist. Moreover, he possesses all the traits necessary to become a successful serial entrepreneur in 2022.

Armin Tabrizi and Bahadir Bozkurt

Regardless of your current financial situation, you need a plan if you want to manage your finances well – similar to Armin Tabrizi and Bahadir Bozkurt. Both these young immigrants, 25 and 22, are helping thousands of people become financially independent!

Bahadir and Armin, both Middle Easterners at 16, left their families in hope to have a better future and provide for their families. Armin took full responsibility for his life at the age of 16 and took it upon himself to support his family at the age of 20. They worked up to twelve hours a day seven days a week to achieve their goals and manage to work on something they were truly passionate about. When it comes to finance and commerce, these two young men are all about changing the perspective of millennials.

A financial plan will help you develop a budget to summarize your financial management. Despite being only 22 and 25, Bahadir Bozkurt and Armin Tabrizi have already achieved significant success, and they have even helped others do the same. Their entrepreneur venture, iGenius, has helped over 1,600 individuals earn income online and achieve financial freedom.

Knowing how money works goes beyond simple financial literacy. You can increase your financial literacy and develop a deeper understanding of your capital by reading financial management blogs on credible websites like iGenius. Having Armin and Bahadir mentor you on personal finance management can make you aware of your financial situation.

Awwad e Awwad

Despite the fact that he excelled in his studies, he later used his business experience and intellect to add to the development of his empire. Two of his strong points are business management and product marketing. Awwad e Awwad’s achievements are attributable to his ability to adapt, as well as his practice of self-learning and his willingness to mold himself according to circumstances. As part of his global business journey, he has also traveled the world. From the House of Awwad, Chisciotte is a new perfume line that targets the general public.

Having collected more than 120 kinds of perfumes in his wardrobe drawer, Awwad hopes that his newly introduced brand Chisciotte will succeed in the Emirate market. The company recently participated in a fashion show in Dubai and stood out from other participants. In Chisciotte’s lineup, every perfume is totally different from the next, due to a unique combination of oils and extracts. The consistency of the raw materials used in Chisciotte’s perfume collection is another reason for its popularity, along with its spot on marketing.

Having recently expanded into perfume and toiletries, Awwad e Awwad also plans to launch some amazing bags, gems, and leather accessories, as he just signed a deal with some foreign designers and expects to have the products available by 2021. He is also eager to venture into the world of sunglasses, as the industry is anticipating the debut of his first line of shades by 2022. His new collection of men’s face care products is also being designed in conjunction with a team of Korean experts.

Take-Home Thought

During the pandemic, the economic activity and entrepreneurial hustle ceased, but not virtually, since e-commerce flourished all along. According to a careful estimate, 85,000 businesses launched online stores to survive – and thrive – during the pandemic. As those businesses begin to succeed online, they’ll realize that it is possible to continue building their bottom line around the globe without having to open brick-and-mortar locations.

For new entrepreneurs who are unfamiliar with the local culture or do not have any existing relationships in an area, expansion across geographical borders can be intimidating, but e-commerce has made it much easier and allowed for organic growth. Global expansion is possible for businesses with the right partners. For entrepreneurs to attract and retain the right talent, they need to be creative in their strategies.