Apple iPhone has pretty many features than you have known. Probably you have just tried only the most popular tips. But this popular smartphone hides in many features which are handy than expected. Here we have listed out 10 most useful tips and tricks that you may not have heard about. In order to enhance the overall iPhone experience, it is better to learn these tricks by yourself.

Want to Make a Quick Call

If you wish to have a redial of the last number called, then there is a shortcut key that saves few clicks. Instead of tapping on recent tabs, just tap on the green call button on the main screen. This takes you to the last number dialed.

Faster Charging With Single Button

Both the iPhone X and Apple iPhone 8 support faster charging. Even if you don’t hold any of these devices, then there is still a way to charge the iPhone quickly. Set your iPhone to airplane mode. This makes the iPhone charge 5 minutes faster than usual. With the larger iPad charger, the phone gets charged more quickly.

Save Battery Life

When you find your iPhone battery draining down then just turn off these iPhone settings to make it last longer. By doing so, you can still make a call, SMS and go online. Turn off the key data and services, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Spotlight search. You can even switch off the data connection to make the iPhone battery last longer.

Click a Photo with Headphone Cord

Though an old iPhone hack, it is a good one. Yes! Use the volume controls on your headphone cord to trigger a snapshot.

Control the Music Using a Timer

Love music! Are you among those who often listen to those background music? Then there is every chance of keeping it running without switching the iPhone off. In such cases, you can use a timer that lets you shut down the music. Do this to set the timer for music Clock > Timer > When Timer Ends. Before setting the time stop the music and a set a timer. Then tap start. Now you can play music and it will automatically be turned off within the specified time.

Set Alphanumeric Passcode

Looking for an extra protective layer to your Apple iPhone? In such cases, you can set an alphanumeric passcode. To set the password, go to Settings > General > Passcode Lock. If you turn off the simple passcode option then it prompts you to set an alphanumeric password.

Know the person who’s calling without checking a phone

If you are in driving or any sort of situation wherein you are unable to check the display of your phone. But still want to check who is calling then here is an iPhone tip. Edit the friend or family member contact, this says Ringtone tap by default and takes you to new options. Go to settings and choose the feature of how you want your iPhone to react if that contact calls.

Take a Snap While Shooting Video

While shooting video, there will be some incidents which you really wish to capture. Thankfully, iPhone has that option. This allows capturing photo while shooting video simultaneously. Press the shutter button next to video button to do so.

Hide Your Photos

If you have some photos that are only for you then just hide them. Here is a trick to hide those photos. Go to photos app, select the photos to hide, tap on share and select hide option. To view the hidden photos, go to the hidden folder in the Albums.

Make Use of Text-to-Speech Option

Do you want someone to read out those high-lighted texts for you? Just activate the Text-to-Speech option which lets the iOS to read it. This is useful especially while learning the pronunciation of new words or to read the article even while driving.

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