Do you want to switch to a healthy lifestyle, but do you think that’s difficult? Here you will find our top 10 tips for changes, which you can implement today to take steps towards better health and vitality.

Process your food thoroughly

That means chewing, chewing and chewing again!

Your stomach prefers to receive the food as ground pulp instead of large, indigestible pieces. This is the task of your teeth. If you take the time to eat well during the meal, this will benefit your digestion, you will have more time to enjoy the taste and the added benefit is that you will be full more quickly.

Only eat when you are hungry

You cannot fill your emotions with food!

If you are in a dip or simply bored, it is always very tempting to eat a bar of chocolate or a bag of crisps. But food is not the answer to your problems and every time you eat without being hungry, those extra calories will be converted into fat. The result is that you get even more into a dip and think that if you eat something that makes you fat, it makes you feel better.

Stop eating when you are just full

This is one of the most important aspects of long-term weight loss

Many of us feel obliged to empty their plate. This stems from a time (perhaps from your own childhood) that food was scarce and you had to ‘eat’ everything because that was all you would get. But this is no longer the case! You are mature and you have control over what you eat and how much. By eating more than you actually need – even if it is a healthy, nutritious meal – those extra calories will end up on your hips. If you follow step 1 you will notice that you become more aware of what is happening in your body and when you get the signal that you are full and have to stop eating. Another tip is to always brag less than what you want and later add extra if you want. In this way you will never feel the compulsion to eat everything that is on your plate.

Walk at least 30 minutes per day

Your body is made to move – so get moving!

We know that it is difficult – and sometimes almost impossible to find time to exercise. But if you manage to have a more active lifestyle, you will soon notice enough results. If it is not possible for you to go to the gym or go for a walk in the park, you can try to work or walk to work, or by parking your car as far away as possible so that you get that little bit longer walks to get to work, by swimming in your lunch break or perhaps going to bounce in the park. Do not forget that you can also exercise at home. Perhaps some yoga for television or stretching and stretching exercises and sit-ups when you wake up in the morning. Exercise is not only beneficial to keep your body supple and energetic, it also reduces stress, improves your mood and slims your waist, buttocks, thighs, upper arms.

Drink 2 liters of water a day

Keep your moisture level up and feel sharp and alert all day long

Most people choose coffee, cola or tea when they are tired. We then recommend drinking a glass of water. By filling your system with water instead of stimuli that you later only get more sense of, you give your body the natural fuel it needs to function properly. You need water for so many different things: digestion, the removal of waste products in your body, to pump oxygen into your body, to regulate your body temperature, for optimal brain function and to keep all your joints fresh and fruity, in order to just to name a few.

We are about 60% water and that needs to be refilled continuously. Occasionally taking a sip is recommended instead of drinking large amounts of water at once. You can try to keep a bottle or a glass of water with you during the day, in your bag on your desk or whether you remember the easiest thing to drink 2 liters of water a day.

So drink clear moisture for a clear mind and body.

The electronic cigarette: healthy alternative to smoking?

You see them more and more nowadays: the electronic cigarette. Specialized shops appear in the streets, newspaper and tobacco shops absorb them in their offer, and airlines offer them during air travel, there are number of online shops such as VapeActive and directvapor.

The producers say it is a safe and healthy way of smoking and a good way to stop smoking. But health experts are not entirely positive.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the electronic cigarette?

Approximately 70 percent of all smokers would, according to a recent study about the New Year’s period, decide to stop smoking. Despite their good intentions, a majority will fail. Smoking is considered a physical addiction, to the substance nicotine.

But it is also a psychological addiction, the feeling that you need a cigarette at certain times of your day: with coffee, after dinner …

The anti-tobacco organizations focus on helping smokers to completely abandon their bad habit. But most smokers only succeed in stopping after several unsuccessful attempts.

What about the smokers who want to live healthier but notice that they cannot stop? They simply continue to smoke. But there are more and more voices that say it does not have to be as black and white. Maybe you can continue to smoke and still live healthier.

70% of your diet should consist of watery ‘living’ food

Give your body the right fuel!

Fresh fruits and vegetables are seen as ‘living’ foods. Why? Because they contain enzymes, phytonutrients and other living substances. Plus a whole range of vitamins and minerals. Greetings and fruit are really the best natural sources of all things that a human body needs to function at its best. If the majority of your diet consists of fresh fruit and vegetables, you will find that you improve health and vitality, reduce your urge for unhealthy foods and you may start to notice that your skin and other nutritional disorders are improving.

Greetings and fruit can best be eaten raw although some have to be cooked like pumpkins and potatoes. Steaming is a good way to prepare food because cooking gets a lot of vitamins and nutrients from the food. Roasting and stir-frying is also good, but make sure you use a good, healthy olive oil.

Go juices!

If you cannot eat it, drink it!

The easiest way to get more nutrients is by making juice from fruit and vegetables. It is fast, simple and delicious! Many people do not like some vegetables or fruit but most people have no problem drinking them when the taste does not stand out in combination with other flavors. Many parents discover that their children drink juice from beets and spinach without being aware of it. By making your own juice instead of buying, you assure yourself of the freshest juice of the highest quality. Only one glass a day will boost both your health and your diet.

Do not eat processed food three hours before you go to sleep

Do not give in late at night snacking

Your body does not digest food efficiently when you sleep, so do not burden your digestive system too much just before you go to sleep. Eat your dinner as early as possible and try not to snack in the three hours before you go to bed. Many people like to relax with some ice or a donuts or a bag of chips. Do not give in here and choose herbal tea that will relax your stomach instead of giving it more work. And do not forget to start the day with a hearty breakfast to get your digestion going, for example a breakfast smoothie.

Do Proper Exercise 

Do not be stupid … do something with dumbbell’s!

In addition to more exercise to feel fitter, you also have to train your muscles. Larger muscles even burn fat when your body is resting. So you do squats, crunches, sit-ups and push-ups and also invest in a few dumbbell’s to become stronger and tighter.


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