Defined as, “One whose views on a subject are taken to be authoritative and influential,” thought leaders are recognized as powerful individuals capable of bringing about great change. 

Below we’ve shared 11 thought leaders from a variety of industries who are offering fresh perspectives on age-old practices in 2021 and beyond. Their authority and influence is creating thriving results not only for their individual ventures, but also for society. 

Discover the top 11 thought leaders who are thriving in 2021: 

Reese Witherspoon – Founder and CEO of Hello Sunshine

Hollywood powerhouse, Reese Witherspoon, landed her first major motion picture role in 1991 at the age of 15, marking the start of an explosive career both in front and behind the camera. Her iconic role as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde instantly transformed her into a household name, however, much like her fiery character in the film, she has proved to be much more than what meets the eye. 

Having spent three decades in an industry where patriarchy relentlessly persists, Reese co-founded Hello Sunshine in 2012 as a media company placing women at the center of the narrative. Today, the media company produces films, television shows, podcasts, books, and audiobooks celebrating and discovering women in an inherently male dominated industry. 

As a thought leader, Reese is showing women across the globe that great change can occur through unification. Her refusal to abide by the status quo and lead a movement opposing it is why she is thriving as we make our way into 2021 and beyond, leading by example in the process. 

Jay Shetty – Purpose Coach 

As a former monk turned bestselling author, podcast host, and purpose coach, Jay Shetty is on a mission to make “wisdom go viral”. Since launching his video channel on Facebook in 2016, Jay has created over 400 viral wisdom videos with over 4 billion views and hosts the #1 Health and Wellness podcast in the world, On purpose. In just a few years, Jay has become one of the most viewed Youtube personalities worldwide, and rightly so. You can’t scroll past Jay’s videos without taking a look at them. His videos have a life-changing effect on people and inspire them to become the best version of themselves. 

Fresh out of business school, Jay was 22 years old when he traded his suit for a simple robe, shaved his head, and lived as a monk across India, Europe, and the UK for three years. He went from living as a monk to becoming the most viral content creator all in seven years. Like most entrepreneurs, Jay embarked on an unconventional path. Always the storyteller, Jay, credits his success to one thing – changing people’s lives for the better. 

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Travis Blakely – Speaker and CEO of InnerLight Media

Travis Blakely is the innovative founder and CEO of InnerLight Media, a social media management company that brings brands stellar success. Travis relentlessly strives to understand the message his clients wish to broadcast, creating content unique to their brand in the process. The result? Millions (in subscribers and revenue). 

For those pursuing virality, Travis’s advice is impactful yet straightforward – start from your point of honesty. His viral content-making strategy will take a brand from being average to super-influential, leaving the viewers wanting more. To date, his genius strategy has resulted in collaborations with top-tier influencers and entrepreneurs such as Jay Shetty and Prince Ea. 

As a thought leader, Travis’s success is proof of his ability to uncover creative solutions to modern marketing challenges, allowing the brands he works with and his company to thrive in the process. 

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Kim Janson – Founder and CEO of Janson Associates

Kim Janson is the brilliant President and CEO of Janson Associates, dedicated to improving the effectiveness of individuals and organizations alike. By awakening transformative leadership qualities in people, Kim has collaborated with nearly 300 companies across 40+ countries, ranging from the start-up level to Fortune 100s. Through her mission of “unleashing people’s potential globally,” Kim is known for both multiplying the growth of successful companies and resurrecting failing companies from dangerous downward spirals. 

Today, Kim is highly sought-after by CEOs and executives who are searching for leadership solutions that will drive success. With a long list of client testimonials singing her praise, Kim is widely recognized as the transformative thought leader coaching companies to thrive, and we expect nothing less from her in 2021. 

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Kim Langen – Founder and CEO of Spirit of Math 

Driven by the mission “to promote cooperation, inspire confidence and release the genius in every child,” Kim Langen is the woman behind recognized after school programs Spirit of Math and Releasing the Genius Inc. Founded in the 90s out of the basement of her Toronto home, Kim has since grown the humble after-school program to a globally accessible academic institution offering weekly lessons to students of all ages. 

“The objective is not to teach students to solely improve their academic skills,” Shared Kim, “but rather to transform them into future leaders.” With over 15,000 students currently enrolled in Kim’s after-school program, which has expanded to offer Spirit of English and Spirit of Technology, Kim is transforming the lives of high-performing students from all over the world. As an educator and thought leader herself, Kim is providing tens of thousands of students with the chance to thrive in 2021 and beyond through education, discipline, and commitment. 

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Marie Zimenoff – CEO of Career Thought Leaders

Marie Zimenoff, CEO of Career Thought Leaders, is on a mission to change lives one happy career at a time. As a think tank for coaches, counselors, resume writers, and other professionals in the career services industry, Career Thought Leaders is a hub for innovation, growth, and success. Members stay up on the latest trends and build the skills necessary to boost client confidence and career success.

Leading by example, Marie left her position as a university advisor to launch her career development firm during the 2008 recession. Undaunted by the hostile hiring environment, Marie hustled through, growing a name for herself because of it. Today, she leads Career Thought Leaders with the same hustle and determination that drove her through the recession and is impacting thousands of lives in the process. Marie’s ability to thrive in any situation is why she is one to watch in 2021.  

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Patrick Cooke – Transformational Coach at Patrick Cooke Coaching

Patrick Cooke is a strange attractor of those courageous enough to do the work of critical thinking, self-actualization, and spiritual awakening. His own triumph over alcohol dependency served as the catalyst and calling to support others.

Now, as a transformational coach, Patrick Cooke connects with hundreds of clients in search of a more meaningful way of BEING, which is also the name of his popular podcast that shares ways of finding a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment in life.

At its core, his message is this – each of us are incredibly powerful. Yet it is our own responsibility to awaken to that power by removing obstacles such as addictions, social conditioning and unresolved trauma. And, as we heal and return to wholeness, we contribute more positively to the evolution of humanity overall.

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Marc Angelo Coppola – Founder and CEO of Superhero Academy

As a thought leader, Marc Angelo Coppola is anything but traditional. The innovative Canadian entrepreneur is continuously seeking opportunities to create a positive ROI (Ripple of Impact) for society. From his entrepreneurial feats to his social movements, Marc Angelo is resilient in inspiring social change allowing for future generations to enjoy the world we live in today. 

As the founder of Superhero Academy, Marc Angelo has created a mentorship community for inspiring entrepreneurs, creatives, and influencers alike to discover their voice and unleash their potential. He further shares his voice as the host of the Superhero Academy Podcast, providing no filter real-life conversations with passionate guests bringing comedic relief to many of the serious topics impacting our world today.   

For those looking to create a societal ROI, Marc Angelo Coppola is the thought leader that will grow your idea into a thriving movement. 

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Summer Dey – International Speaker and Success Coach

Meet Summer Dey, the sensational miracle-maker and fearless empowerment coach who’s on a mission to “set captives free.” An unshakable optimist, Summer reveals that faith has not always been easy for her, sharing that, “I grew up believing in the Lord, but when life knocked me down, I turned my back on Him.” During this time, Summer’s life was controlled by anxiety, panic disorder, severe PTSD, and daily seizures. After working with an incredible mentor, she eventually recovered her path. 

As described by Yahoo News as the “Mother of God’s Adventure,” Summer Dey is transforming lives today through her ‘Fear into Faith’ Women’s Virtual Retreats and Coaching programs. Countless women worldwide are turning their fear into faith as a result of Summer’s coaching techniques. By fostering honest, authentic, and raw conversation, Summer is the thought leader inspiring women to thrive, achieving true freedom through transformation. 

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Michael Alexander Arnold – Founder of Masters of Transition

Building systems and organizations that serve people and the planet

“We live in historical times of transition. Old economic and societal systems come to an end, and new systems want to be born that truly serve people and the planet” reflected Michael Alexander Arnold, the founder behind Masters of Transition

As a conscious business strategist, Michael collaborates with conscious leaders who build, lead, and transform organizations and projects that serve the greater good. He is convinced that “combining heart-based wisdom and holistic perspectives with efficiency and profitability is the way to go.” 

Michael has served many years as an advisor to traditional global players, including Porsche and SAP. Today, he bridges the timeless wisdom of Eastern and Western philosophies with top-notch approaches for growth, harmonized organizational performance, and transformation.

Masters Of Transition is a community-based platform, where conscious leaders, humanitarian pioneers, and friends of new earth and conscious capitalism can collaborate, deepen their wisdom, and hone their professional excellence.

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Simon Sinek – Public Speaker & Best-Selling Author

Simon Sinek is a visionary, a best-selling author, and an unshakable optimist. He is best known for his powerful TED talk on inspirational leadership, “How Great Leaders Inspire Action,” in 2009, which has since received over 37 million views.

Inspired by influential leaders and organizations including Martin Luther King Jr., the Wright brothers, and Apple, Simon is changing how businesses think, act, and operate. With a vision to change people’s working lives for the better, Simon and his team work closely with organizations in nearly every industry to help transform company culture and create a better working world. 

Dedicated to creating a thriving world, Simon’s ‘Why’ is to empower people to chase the path that inspires them the most. 

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