Discover the success stories of today’s leading female entrepreneurs and learn how you can apply their insights to your endeavors today! 

Sofia Vergara 

Hollywood Celebrity, Television Host, and Serial Entrepreneur

Sofia Vergara is a Hollywood sensation and one of the highest-earning women in U.S. television. Born in Columbia, she immigrated to America early on in her career and rose to fame through her roles on NBC’s “Modern Family” and ABC’s “Hot Pursuit.” She currently sits as one of three judges on America’s Got Talent alongside Simon Cowell and Heidi Klum. 

The icon is also a powerhouse businesswoman and has sold enough of her jeans to stack four times taller than the Eiffel Tower. Sofia is a case study for success and continues to inspire entrepreneurs around the globe with her keen eye for opportunities.

Discover how Sofia continues to thrive in 2021 and beyond! 

Ashley Black 

Inventor of FasciaBlaster® and Founder of The Ashley Black Experience

Ashley Black is the female powerhouse behind one of the most revolutionary health and wellness brands in the world. As the founder of the FasciaBlaster®, Ashley’s empire of products is helping millions of clients solve health problems by regenerating constricting fibers and sheets of connective tissue known as fascia which surrounds every organ, joint, muscle, and system of the body. Not to mention, in the process, she discovered the cure, yes cure, for cellulite. 

Ashley’s discovery of the FasciaBlaster® was fueled by a need to heal her own health issues dating back to Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and a near-death experience in her mid-twenties caused by a deadly bone infection with a 93% mortality rate. Her refusal to accept being crippled as her fate spurred a deep dive into the intricacies of the little-known system of the body fascia, ultimately resulting in the FasciaBlaster® tools. World-renowned athletes, top performers, celebrity clients, and over 3M everyday people are experiencing life-changing improvements in their health and beauty thanks to Ashley’s entrepreneurial resilience in the face of adversity. 

Discover how Ashley created a 9-figure empire off what could have been a death sentence! 

Tara Bosch 

Founder of Smart Sweets 

Tara Bosch is a self-made entrepreneur on a mission to help the world kick sugar cravings. She began her candy empire with the help of a gummy bear mould purchased from Amazon and recipe’s tested in her home kitchen. Her passion for launching the sugar-free candy brand encouraged her to drop out of college in 2015, and by 2016 the young entrepreneur was selling boxes of smart sweets from the trunk of her car. 

Fast-forward to 2020, and Tara has sold the majority shares of Smart Sweets for a whopping $400M USD.

Discover Tara’s story and how she’s revolutionized the world of candy through Smart Sweets! 

Forbes Riley

Clubhouse Superstar, Celebrity TV Host, CEO of SpinGym

Forbes Riley is a true marketing and multi-media communications expert with more than $2.5 Billion in product sales. As an international celebrity, she is a pioneer in cable tv, syndicated radio, and has led some of the most successful product launches of our time through her globally broadcasted infomercials and home shopping (QVC). The award-winning Clubhouse Superstar, movie/tv/Broadway actress, best-selling author, and accomplished High-Performance Success Coach is dedicated to disrupting the status quo to ignite and illuminate insight into health, wealth, and true happiness. 

As a reigning Clubhouse Champion, Forbes’ uniquely engaging style uplifts and empowers entrepreneurs, CEO’s, sales teams, and hesitant speakers to communicate effectively and craft their Perfect Pitch to build their brand in the workplace and beyond! Her mission is to help her audience find their authentic voice, serve their community and generate money in the process. 

Discover how Forbes is sharing her entrepreneurial genius with other up-and-comers, creating a future of abundance! 

Nikki Trott 

Founder of Conscious Accelerator

Do you work for your purpose or do you work for money? The popular conception is that we must choose one or the other. Nikki Trott is the inspiring entrepreneur proving that this doesn’t have to be the case. As the founder of Conscious Accelerator, Nikki works with purpose-driven and aspiring entrepreneurs to help them create the change they desire in the world while profiting from their efforts in the process. 

To empower conscious entrepreneurs to thrive with purpose, Nikki provides holistic internal and external transformation of mindset and strategy that creates freedom, impact, and success. She shares her advice and explores success stories of conscious visionaries on her powerful podcast, Going Conscious with Nikki Trott. With almost 10,000 listeners across over 30 countries, Going Conscious is a must-listen amongst entrepreneurs and change-makers who are striving to live aligned with their values and create a lasting positive impact on the world. Listen and subscribe on your favourite podcast platform.

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Seema Bansal 

Co-Founder of Venus ET Fleur

Seema Bansal is the co-founder capable of making more things bloom than just her world-renowned flowers. Since launching the eternity flower arrangement business from her husband Sunny’s apartment in 2015, Venus ET Fleur has bloomed to become the biggest name in the business. Being the first to bring eternity flowers to market, Venus ET Fleur is recognized today as an industry trailblazer for its ingenuity. As co-founder, Seema was named on Forbes’ 30 under 30 list at the young age of 26.  

The luxury arrangements sell for $44 and up, and last for up to a year without water, looking fresh all the while. With a team of 80 employees spanning New York, New Jersey, and Los Angeles, Venus ET Fleur is rapidly expanding to meet consumer demand. Adored by clients nationwide, including the Kardashian family, Venus ET Fleur continues to flourish year after year. 

Discover how Seema’s green thumb has blossomed into a gold touch!

Dr. Amy Tanner 

Co-Founder and CEO of ACE and RILEY  

Dr. Amy Tanner is a woman on a mission to create a world where girls are encouraged and supported in their STEM career pursuits. As a pediatric behavior consultant, Amy has spent over a decade observing neuro-development in children. Her work led to the discovery that toys for little boys are not made the same as toys for little girls.

Intent on disrupting this finding, Amy launched ACE and RILEY in early 2020 as a toy company providing little girls with the same opportunities for cognitive development that have long been provided to little boys. As a trailblazer in her industry, Amy’s company has taken off over the past year. Her product line consists of various toys ranging from Magic Potion Starter Kits to the ‘Curie’osity Signature Science Set

Discover how you can be a part of Amy’s creative solution to ending gender inequalities in STEM careers now! 

Jessica Sepel

Founder & Director of JSHealth, JS Health Vitamins and Clinical Nutritionist 

Jessica Sepel is the inspiring and driven female powerhouse and entrepreneur changing the relationship countless clients and customers have with food and their bodies. She founded JSHealth in 2018 after experiencing personal struggles with mental health, fad dieting, and her body as a way to share her healing journey to balance and self-love. Today, JSHealth is Australia’s leading wellness and lifestyle brand, and is taking the world by storm, providing an innovative range of natural and effective supplements that offer truly transformative results.

As a clinical nutritionist, 3x best-selling health author, and the founder of the JSHealth Program, App, and Vitamins, Jess is igniting a change in the health industry that is long overdue. Her passion behind her project has spurred a global expansion that is bringing JSHealth into the UK, US, and China markets. Her years of research, experimentation, and self-exploration allowed her to create a powerful community of people coming together to support one another to live their happiest, healthiest, and most fulfilled lives in a way that is balanced, sustainable, and enjoyable – ‘the healthy life, for life.’

Discover Jessica’s story and how you can join her movement today! 

Nicole Bryl 

CEO & Founder of Nicole Bryl® New York 

Looking to uncover celebrity skincare secrets? 

Nicole Bryl is well known as THE makeup artist for celebrities and elite society. As one of the most sought-after makeup artists in the world, her work has been featured in magazines including Vogue, Allure, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle. Nicole’s passion for makeup was first discovered as a teenager while working on set with photographers such as Arthur Elgort, Gilles Bensimon, and Roxanne Lowit.  

Today, after decades of mastering the makeup industry, Nicole has shifted her focus away from brushes & pallets and towards the creation of her handcrafted VitaminC skincare company, Nicole Bryl® New York. The lineup of products, including her signature VitaminC  4 Minute Anti-aging Treatment (which she performs on all her clients before applying their makeup), has wowed customers on several continents. Nicole’s at-home skincare method mimics those of celebrity clients including Melania Trump, Ariana Rockefeller, and Naomi Watts.

Level up your skincare routine today with Nicole Bryl® New York. You’ll see the difference and so will they. 

Elizabeth Molina 

Your Beauty Guru and Founder of The Molina Glow

Elizabeth Molina is a social entrepreneur and your beauty guru on a mission to help people know it’s possible to be whatever they want at any age no matter the circumstance. With over 7 years of experience working in the beauty industry as a model, influencer, and speaker, Elizabeth has seen firsthand the lasting impact that inner and outer beauty can create.

In 2018, Elizabeth launched The Molina Glow after she felt that there was something missing from the beauty world – an empowering feeling of self-love. This desire drove her to create products and services that deliver immediate results, leaving clients feeling confident in their own skin. She also shares her advice on beauty positivity as the host of her popular podcast, Your Beauty Guru’s Podcast

Discover how Elizabeth is empowering women through promoting inner and outer beauty today! 

Ina Leitner 

Founder of Genius Consulting 

Ina Leitner is the passionate and inspiring founder of Genius Consulting, a coaching company dedicated to unleashing the awesomeness of humankind. Ina leads her clients to uncover a growth mindset, resonate with their inner voice, and gain a clear picture of who they are. 

Ina’s previous career in the aerospace industry left her feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and underappreciated. Reflecting on this experience, she inspires her clients to discover their true purpose and full potential. Her 1:1 coaching technique helps clients uncover what is stopping them from living in gull alignment, take actionable steps towards their goals, and get closer to their vision. 

Gain inspiration from Ina’s entrepreneurial excellence and connect with her today! 

Kendall Fuhrman

Founder of Fuhrman Ventures LLC. 

Kendall Fuhrman is inspiring women around the world to live their dream lives. As a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and travel vlogger, Kendall has been able to create her dream life of traveling the world full time. Her goal is to empower women across the world with business, travel, and mindset tips through her podcast: Kendall’s World.

After graduating from USC in 2018, Kendall began a corporate career which ultimately left her unfulfilled. She decided to quit her job to start traveling and she quickly grew to 550K followers on social media all while starting multiple online businesses including viral content creation and marketing agency Good Vibes Co.. Her successful journey led her to start her podcast where she shares with others how they too can create the reality of their dreams. 

Discover how to create your dream reality today through Kendall’s podcast, YouTube Channel, TikTok, and Instagram!