Paul Getter has been through hell and back when it comes to business. In the past 9 years, he has gone from broke and struggling to comfortable and thriving. He used to sell phone books out of the back of his 1996 Dodge Caravan, and now he is making a name for himself and managing marketing and advertising processes for a variety of different companies and individuals around the globe.

How did he go from zero to hero you may ask? Well, Paul learned how to grow through the power of internet marketing, which led him to become one of the most sought after marketing experts on the planet. Some of the people Paul Getter shares his successes with now are Tai Lopez, Grant Cardone, Les Brown, Lewis Howes, Tim Storey, Kevin Harrington, Neil Patel, Bob Proctor, and many, many more! Paul manages millions of dollars per month in advertising finances for both himself and the companies he works with, and has helped both himself and his colleagues to grow their businesses by millions (into 8 figures per year)! He completes marketing for several of the top marketing companies in the world, and has helped to build, optimize, manage, and run traffic to some of the highest performing funnels in the online marketing world. With all of this on his resume, he is sure to know a thing or two about marketing, advertising, and the business world!

I had the extreme pleasure of meeting with Paul Getter himself, and he shared with me some of his stories about the many failures and triumphs that he has faced during his career, and which you are sure to face at some point in your own career. This led us to the conversation of the tasks which he deems important, yet extremely time consuming and tedious. With this topic on the table, Paul shared with me three apps that he believes are perfect for companies and entrepreneurs alike. These three apps will help you save time and money, as well as grow your business to the likes of Paul Getter’s! It is quick and easy to use these websites and apps, and they are all worth a try for your business, no matter what size it may be. You will be missing out on great opportunities if you pass up on these three platforms!


The first website Paul Getter shared with me was is a useful tool that can take the background out of any photo. It is extremely useful is you have a photo such as a headshot that you would like just your face and body cut out of so that you can place it on materials of your choice. Paul shared with me that he used to waste hours upon hours uploading photos into Adobe Photoshop and tediously tracing around his photo with the goal of removing the backgrounds from the main focal point of the image. Sometimes it would come out jagged, crooked, and sloppy. With, removing the background from any image becomes simple, and can be done in a flash! All you have to do is upload your photo into, and within seconds it will remove the background to your photo. is precise, and ensures that each photo is cut out in a clean and professional manner. This website is especially helpful if you would like to use your photo on brochures, advertising materials, websites, and more! is free to use.

The biggest benefit of is that it saves you large amounts of time. With its speed (it only takes about five seconds), you can knock out as many photos as you want in just a short period of time! Nobody wants to sit around their computer downloading software, uploading photos, zooming in, cutting, zooming out, making sure it looks right, even, and smooth, and then repeating the process all over again until you have a bunch of photos that you may only use one or two times until somebody changes their hair, loses a lot of weight, or their appearance drastically changes in any way. With, it is a one and done type of platform. It allows for people on your team to devote their time to more important tasks within the company that can help you to grow and earn more revenue. And who doesn’t want to add a little bit more revenue to their company?


The second website that Paul Getter told me about was is an all-in-one reporting system that can show you the performance of your social medias and web based platforms. Once you connect this website to your socials and other platforms, you are able to see a variety of different figures. These figures showcase things such as site visits, growth, likes, shares, impressions, and so much more. Numbers are showcased in graphs, charts, and tables to make for easy reading and digestion of information. This is a one-stop-shop for all your analytic needs so that you can keep track of how your online presence is growing. It can also schedule reports to be sent to your clients and shareholders so that they can be in the know about the health of your company’s social and online presence. These reports can be sent out daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on how often you would like your clients or shareholders to be receiving this information. Another amazing feature of is that you can label each report and make it unique to you and your company by adding your name, logo, or affiliated photo. is an extremely useful tool for companies that have several different social media accounts or websites that they would like to track all at once to save time. saves a lot of time and money for a company. If done manually, gathering analytics and placing them in easy to read charts and graphs is time consuming. Then, if you add the sending out of this information to clients and shareholders, the time count just keeps growing. One staff member can spend hours each day just compiling this information, making it look pretty, and sending it out. Paul says that with, the time spent each day doing these tasks can be cut down significantly, making for more time spent doing valuable things for the company.


The third platform that Paul Getter exposed me to was MOTI. MOTI is an app that allows for a streamlined and easy experience if you are monetizing your time. If you are in a situation where you are charging somebody for a service, MOTI makes it easy to keep track of how long a session lasts, and automatically transfers funds from a client to your account. MOTI takes out any middle men, and ensures that you get your money for the services you have provided. No more worrying about your clients being thousands of miles away, and stressing over how you are either going to find time to fly out to meet with them, or how you will ensure that you get the compensation that you deserve from an hour long video chat. With MOTI, you can chat with your clients, shareholders, customers, and business associates from wherever you are, and you can make sure that everything gets taken care of in just a couple of easy clicks. MOTI is described as a video chat app, which allows you to also complete your service, conversation, consultation, or whatever your task may be straight through the app. And if you need to add this call to your archives? Don’t fuss with screen recording, making sure you get the audio, or anything like that! MOTI can record the call for you!

With MOTI, you are cutting out a lot of paid services. You do not want to have to pay somebody for a call, for a transfer, or for anything related to a monetized phone call. It also ensures that you get paid when you are supposed to, and in the correct amount. Nobody likes to go through the whole process of completing a call and spending all that time with a client just to be screwed over and never paid. MOTI holds everybody accountable, which makes monetized phone calls less stressful and much easier for all parties involved.

Paul Getter guarantees that these apps will help you to grow your business by cutting down manual labor hours on some of the most tedious tasks around. By streamlining and quickening up some of these processes, you and your staff will be able to devote more time to customer service, following leads, and much, much more. With more time for your company to do the important things, you are sure to see some sort of growth, boost, or jump in your company’s financials or metrics on a variety of different platforms. Paul Getter is proof that by using these websites religiously, you can become successful and powerful in the business world. He trusts in the power of internet marketing, do you?