Tip #3: Learn EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

It is an extremely simple yet effective technique that helped transform my life.

I worked with a professional, to deal with the negative beliefs I had about myself ie. not worthy, not special, second best, unattractive, fat, and many more; plus all the memories from past events that would still bother me when I thought of them. These negative beliefs and past events were the reason for my negative mindset, why I beat myself up so much, why I loathed myself, why I was tortured by my eating disorder.

I also used it as a self help technique to help me the feelings of guilt, fear and anxiety I faced on a daily basis.

Although EFT is an alternative method of helping, and may sound a little strange to some people, it has been proved by science as a way of retraining the brain and because it works with our subconscious rather than just the conscious mind, has showed it can be more effective than traditional talking therapies.

And for those who have painful memories that they’d rather not re-visit, there are extremely gentle methods that can be used which allows you to deal with these memories without reliving the pain.

EFT has turned my life around and has given me a tool that I can use for life. It’s effect on me has been so amazing that I qualified as a practitioner and now use it to help others to transform their lives. The best thing about EFT when working with people with eating disorders is that I don’t focus on food, weight or eating. I just focus on getting rid of your negative emotions. Because when there is no fear or guilt attached to food, for example, it is simply food … and you can feel relaxed.

I encourage everybody to learn EFT. Why not start today?

Originally published at medium.com