“Sushma! You have changed so much! The Sushma I knew earlier used to be scared, very short-tempered and not at all confident. How did this transformation happen?”

This is not just a query but the query which people in my life have been asking me since the last couple of years.

Let me spill the beans albeit, intentionally. I approached a Life Coach. I wanted to become a totally new Sushma – a phoenix rising from the ashes of a challenging past with renewed vigour to live life to the fullest.

How far have I come in this transformation journey? Quite a bit … There is still a long way to go!

Then, what is the difference between the pre-coaching and post-coaching period? There lies the magic! It’s my outlook towards my own life that has changed and this is helping me succeed step by step.

What actually happened during the coaching period and after that? The better Sushma who was buried deep within started emerging.

Can a similar magical change happen to any of you out there? Well … for this, you will have to answer my question first – Do you really want to change? If your answer is YES, then mine is also the same else otherwise.

Below are 4 strong reasons why I personally vouch for the positive impact of coaching in our lives.

It Acts As A Path-Finder

At this point of time, I am sure most of you will be thinking “What can I do to make my life better and more meaningful?”

When we were studying, a belief which was predominant was “Class 10 is the turning point”. Later, it shifted to Class 12 and then our professional courses.

Let me tell you something. The above are generic factors. Yes, they are important phases and do decide our life paths to some extent. However, the real turning point is unique to each one of us and will happen at different instances of time.

It depends on inter-connecting life events, decisions taken all along and our bigger purpose. When you start thinking in the direction of your bigger purpose, that is when your life truly starts changing for the best.

Now, you might ask me “So, where does Coaching come into picture?” This is my answer. See, your dream is your own. However, it will remain a distant dream until you make it real. Making it real is a structured process. Coaching acts as a guiding hand in creating the process and more than that, helping you implement it.

Many people have a lot of ideas but fail to implement them. It could be due to a variety of reasons like lack of clarity in implementation, inability to put ideas into action, financial immaturity, emotional immaturity and so on… Coaching helps you strengthen the ‘n’ no of areas which are crucial for your success.

It Strengthens You Emotionally

How can you afford petty office politics to spoil your peace of mind and personal life?

How can you afford the bad and ugly people out there take undue advantage of you and your situation?

How can you afford someone stealing your identity?

Your life is way too precious for any of the above to play havoc with your emotions and life itself. All the above are bound to happen if you are not careful about your own emotional strength. Remember, ignorance is NOT bliss in this aspect.

Dig out the root cause in each of the above scenarios and similar ones. You will come to realize that you are more or less caught in a mind-game, nothing else!

The effect of planetary positions, stars etc. on the sequence of incidents happening in your life might be there. I am not going to dive deeper into that. However, the attitude with which you manage to face challenges head-on requires immense emotional strength. For that, you need to tune your mind for the same. Coaching helps you achieve that.

This brilliant and insightful video by Sadhguru does give a glimpse into what goes on in our minds and how we can tune it better.

It Helps You Start Over From Ground Zero

No matter how challenging your situation might be RIGHT NOW, you will still be able to make it to your goals. However, this requires you to get to Ground Zero and work your way upwards. It could be in your confidence level, belief system, perceptions and so on.

This needs to be done in a highly structured manner and you will need to look at it from a distance first to see how it goes and what impact the steps you take will have on your overall goal.

Normally, this will be difficult to do on your own. It is surely not about the capability. It only means that there may be a few blind spots in terms of emotional pitfalls, a shortfall in foresightedness, lesser clarity in the BIG picture and so on. You will surely need an experienced professional as your guiding compass. Afterall, starting over from Ground Zero should not raze your own future down to the ground, Right?

This article by Satish Rao throws more light on how to bounce back from anything in life.

You Turn Into A Problem-Solver

A problem will remain a problem if you treat it as a problem

                                                                                            – Sushma Krishnan

Wondering who wrote the above quote? Well, it is me. Why am I stressing on this quote and how do we go about it?

Well … you may be aware that if you treat problems as challenges, it will help you fine-tune your mind to look for solutions. It is indeed true to the letter. I have personally tried it and it works 100% This is the reason I stressed so much on the above quote.

This is a well-known valuable life truth. However, many still have doubts about the same. “How will just looking at a problem differently help us solve it?” Well, it really does. A slight change in our attitude works wonders. You need to try it out to believe it.

Now, if it is a challenge of a smaller magnitude, it is relatively easy to try it out. However, life is not so kind to us in terms of the complexity of challenges.

For that, this attitude needs to be ingrained so much that it becomes second nature to us. This is where Coaching comes into play – a structured process with loads of guidance to enable you to become your life problem solvers engineering your own life.

Now, the above views are a few of my own. Coaching does benefit each one of us immensely. You will need to experience it to believe it.

By now, you might be thinking “Are you just sharing your own experiences or parallelly running a Blog Campaign for your business?”

If you are thinking so, I am glad to know about it. However, the intention of this blog is to educate people on the importance of Coaching through my own first-hand experience. I have tried it out myself. That is the sole reason I believe in it’s effects.

You can also view the below video to understand more about how Coaching can work for you.

Like I mentioned earlier, ignorance isn’t bliss. Educate yourself about the importance of steps required to improve your own life. When you have gold right in your own hands, do not end up looking for it elsewhere. Do not let go of it with some lame assumptions that approaching others for help is a sign of weakness. Frankly speaking, it is a sign of immense strength!

Good Luck For Your Endeavours!

Originally published at satishrao.in