Numerous businesses have to use their computers to come up with invoices and send them. However, in the current business environment, this is fast becoming obsolete. More and more business transactions such as requesting payments, sending payments and sending documents for signature are being carried out via mobile phones. This only makes it natural for us to hope for effective invoicing apps for Android and other mobile platforms. The good news is several invoicing apps have been developed over the years. Below is a look at some of the most premium invoicing apps we have tested.

1. Invoice 2GO

If you want to make estimates, invoices, purchase orders and credit memos all from an extraordinary interface you will definitely need Invoice 2go. Invoice 2go has numerous features that include invoices for services and products, over 30 professional invoice templates and a PayPal alternative to invoices which makes it easier for client payment. Moreover, invoice 2go allows you to keep track of outstanding invoices, calculate tax and also comprises of standard reporting tools.

2. Billdu

Billdu is an invoice making application for Android that is cloud-based and designed for small businesses and freelancers. It is chock-full of features that help users manage online stores, generate invoices, track expenditures and capture customer feedback. For instance, Billdu allows its users to customize and make invoices with an option to add QR codes, signatures, logos and add a pay pal email address. Also, Billdu has proven to be particularly handy when it comes to managing online stores. This is because invoices can be produced automatically after clients place their orders and downloaded straight from the online store. Furthermore, Billdu allows its users to track their shipped orders and receive constant notification of the whereabouts of their goods. If you have got several companies, there is no need to worry since Billdu can create invoices for various businesses under a single account, this is activated by selecting multi-user access. Received invoices and costs are entered automatically by the app hence allowing users to later scan receipts for overheads thus tracking expenses. No internet connection? Billdu can still issue and generate invoices since it stores all the data on the phone and later synchronizes it when connection is reestablished.

3. Invoice Maker

This is probably our best invoice application on the list. There are a number of features that we found to be elegant, simple and most importantly efficient. Invoice maker has a quick and intuitive workflow. While using other invoicing apps, you have to generate a product and client list before initiating the invoice creation phase. On the other hand, invoice maker simplifies this process by allowing you to produce an invoice and a client and product list on the go. Furthermore, the developers of this app included a handy preview tool that allows you to ascertain how your invoice looks.

4. Smart Invoice

This android app lives up to its name by being exceptionally efficient. Creating an invoice is only one tap away, and you can have a catalog of clients and goods to pick from in a dime. However it’s most outstanding feature lies in its simplicity, creating invoices is easy since the interface is bereft of any confusing options. Another essential element offered by smart invoice is displaying all your invoices on the primary interface. Some of you might be put off by the unsophisticated look of the app, but we promise you smart invoice is an excellent invoicing application for all your invoicing needs. Initially one has access to only a limited number of invoices, you will have to pay a one-time fee of $15 to enjoy all its premium features that include unlimited invoices.

5. Street Invoice

This app may still be in its beta phase, but it still has all the premium features offered by the other invoicing apps on the android play store. The outstanding feature provided by this app is its ability to allow users to bill clients on the spot and get payments faster effortlessly. You can also bill from various enterprises, and the application will ultimately let you synchronize with a hosted invoicing plan. Another defining feature of street invoice is its ability to allow users to add custom notes to credits, payments, statements, invoices, and estimates. It also includes a search function that enables you to pinpoint specific documents swiftly. Lastly Street Invoice incorporates a sync feature that allows you to sync all your data and download it again if ever lost.

6. Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice is an app that is mainly targeted at a wide range of businesses. Smart invoice is perfect for small startups and freelancers while Zoho invoice is fit for bigger enterprises. It has an exceptional user interface which enables smoother and faster invoicing. Behind the scenes, Zoho ensures your invoices are handled superbly well. However, in order to have access to all its remarkable features, you will need a Zoho account. We recommend businesses with more sophisticated approaches to invoicing to use Zoho Invoice.

With all the alternative apps mentioned above, it is time for you to leave behind the invoice paper trail you are used to. You have a smartphone that can aid you in managing your invoice needs when you are on the go. Not only will this make you look more professional, but it will also go a long way in ensuring your business operates more efficiently. You should, therefore, give one of these invoicing apps a try.