Career In Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing! What comes to your mind when you hear this? Yes, in layman terms marketing through the internet, cell phones or use of technology is called Digital Marketing.

Companies these days take Digital Marketing with utmost seriousness. The consumer habits and mentality are changing too. A certain level of addiction to online shopping has been observed off late. Be it buying groceries or life insurance; the awareness that Digital Marketing creates is next to none. And that presents these companies with an opportunity to make more business. Undoubtedly, Digital Marketing is the next big thing. And if you are ready to be part of it; sure there is no looking back. Digital Marketing as a career could prove extremely rewarding if one has the true inclination and desire to excel.

Few of the entry level designations for fresh graduates in Marketing include:

  1. Content Writer
  2. Copywriter
  3. Marketing Data Analyst
  4. Marketing Assistant
  5. Social Media Manager
  6. Digital PR

Once you have a brief understanding of these profiles you will find yourself more proficient in moving up the career ladder.

Having said that let’s now take a look at the top 5 careers in Digital Marketing.

  1. Brand Marketing: Building a brand for yourself is the need of the hour. Companies strive hard to build and retain a brand so as to garner customer trust, long-lasting relationships, and thus business. This is precisely what is expected from any professional who shoulders the responsibility of Brand Marketing. Innovation and creativity is the key to be a successful Brand Marketer. Professionals in this role craft such an image of the brand based on the core values and vision of the company that the customers can easily relate to it. Once this is achieved the job is not done; maintaining the brand name and stabilizing it is imperative.
  2. E-commerce Specialist: Capturing a large audience base is the goal of any company.  Brand visibility is the core of Digital Marketing. An E-commerce specialist now comes into the picture. Optimization of product pages, use of persuasive terminologies, and adequate placement of Call-To-Action buttons to name a few are the factors that influence website traffic. Conversion Rate Optimization is hence very crucial in E-commerce.
  3. Digital Project Management: Planning and envisioning are two pillars that drive professionals who indulge in Digital Project Management. Effective planning is instrumental in deciding the fate of any product. One has to oversee a campaign from its inception to final implementation while also ensuring that pre-decided milestones are met by the set deadlines. Project Management Software’s come in handy to keep track of the progress and deadlines while keeping all involved on the same page.
  4. Digital Media Manager: Conducting multi-channel advertising campaigns and creating awareness amongst the customers through appropriate digital strategies are stepping stones towards carving a special place in the consumer’s hearts. Driving sales, creating opportunities and generating revenue are some KRAs of a Digital Media Manager. Advertisements on various search engines or networks, for example, Pay-Per-Click advertising is stressed upon. This helps in generating leads and creating a customer base. A knack towards Data analysis would help in evaluating the performance and forecasting results.
  5. Content Strategist: Content in any advertising plays a dominant role. Someone who possesses excellent communication skills and has the potential to understand the company’s goals and vision and translate it into a persuasive content can thrive as a Content Strategist. Eye-for-detail and creativity are the skills one need to excel in this job.

A lot of online and full-time courses are available that will groom you for an exciting career in Digital Marketing. However one has to remember that Digital Marketing is a subset of Masters in Marketing.