They are the by-product of Entrepreneurship.

Problems are the better halves of an Entrepreneur.

I am an Entrepreneur and I am running an Online Marketing company from last 3 years and these three years have made me learn a lesson.

You remember why you dreamed of becoming an Entrepreneur ?

For 95% of us money was not the reason..!!!

The main reasons why we want to become an Entrepreneur is:

  1. Create a better world and give a bit of inovation to the society.
  2. More productive environment.
  3. To solve problems.
  4. Win liberty and freedom.
  5. To become the change what we wanted to see in the world.
  6. And lastly to earn name , fame and money.

This was the reasons why I decided to start my own venture rather than working for someone else who was lacking in those fields.

Entrepreneurship was all about solving problems…!!!

But now the scenario is different and most of the Entrepreneurs and startup companies are themselves trapped into Problems.

The Main problems which an Entrepreneur faces:

1. Financial Crisis:

This is the reasons most of the Entrepreneurship fails. Most of them needs funding. If you are living in India then you should forget to get funds by Banks or any private funding company.



Plan your money and spend accordingly. This is the only thing which can save your life.

Another great way to protect yourself is to gain the trust of clients and show them your work.

So that you can invoice them in a span of 10–15 days.

This will help you to maintain your monthly budget and as your number of clients grow you get to a more stable place.

2. Lack of Direction and Focus:

This is the biggest problem today, when we enter the world of Entrepreneurship.
Problems starts to take place and we go haywire to solve it and in the end all fall downs faster than you can imagine.


Never forget the main reason why you started. Most of us lose our direction when we are collided by problems and we end up doing something which was never actually our motive.

Whatever problems comes to you, pause yourself a little while and think about it. Why is this happening? and how can you solve it? If, you don’t know how to solve problem, speak to people near you and people who are there in your niche.Google it, and you will definitely find a solution for that no matter how big the problem looks like.

There is nothing in this world which can’t be solved.

3. Choosing your Industry :

This is something on which your life and career depends.

Mostly we think of starting something which will give us more money and fame.

And when results come, disappointment is all what we get.


Choose your industry carefully. Always go for something which you love doing because then it won’t be work it will be fun with more creativity & productivity.

Do the thing which you love doing and you will never have to work for a single day in your life.

4. Managing time:

Now, this I was even facing few months back. And most of the entrepreneurs face today..!!1

We all started entrepreneurship to become liberal and now we don’t even have time to eat our lunch??How to manage time??


The solution which is found was amazingly simple.

All I did is I started waking up around 5 in the morning. The first thing I do everyday after freshen-up is meditate for 20 mins followed by some warm up exercises.

By 6 I am done with all this and now I create a simple to-do list in which I write one single most important thing which I need to do as this was my last day on earth and I have to do that by any mean.

Then I plan my day..!!

At 9:30 I reach office and my day starts.

Pretty simple right??

Just waking up couple of hours earlier can change your mindset and creates a space for your mind and body to align in together.

Do this one thing and you will thank me for your life time..!!

5. Lack of Motivation:

Criticism, sarcasm, back-bitching, financial crisis etc. This is the things which people like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg have faced a lot and even now they face.

This breaks the will and focus of Entrepreneur.


Who cares about what people think about you???

Let them say whatever they want to, it’s a giant world and most of the people are failure in their own terms who mostly puts a sarcastic view on you. If , they knew so much they should be someone too. Don’t you think??

If people are criticizing you just listen to them once and if you find anything that you need to change in order to become better than do it.

When Charles Robert Darwin, said that he could send voice and signals through air to a distance. His friends took him to doctor to check his mental status.

And now we all use Smartphones and other devices in which only the Air is medium. So, who cares just do what you want to do pursue and plan your dreams and you will be successful at the end of the day!!

This is the problems which each and every Entrepreneur faces and should solve them in terms of becoming what you always dreamed off.


Entrepreneurship is all about what you want to be and where do you want to go.

World has witnessed some of the greatest Entrepreneurs in last Decade. We can be there too!!!

If they can become what they are now than why can’t we??

Everyone has got same 24 hour in their day, it’s all about how you are using it.

Plan your dreams and be what you want to become…!!!



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