E-commerce Trends

E-commerce keeps growing at a very fast pace, with buyers and consumers having their prospects met online and conveniently. However, there is no monopoly of sales in the e-commerce world; even businesses with established brand identity still go about with campaigns to gain new customers and foster customer retention. Onlineshop erstellen shares top 5 most interesting e-commerce trend.

The use of AI chatbot:

Artificial intelligence is becoming more prevalent in businesses. One of the best AI tools that have happened to e-commerce recently is the chatbot solution. This relatively new trend is used to communicate with customers, promptly and around the clock. Business owners are also able to get insights, customers’ behavior, and their buyers’ journey as data from this chatbot. Because customers prefer to have quick replies to their queries and the aptness of this tech, AI chatbot continues to be a major trend in important businesses.  

Data analytics:

Data are everywhere. In the pursuit to gain customers, retain customers and provide wonderful customers experience throughout an entire buyer’s journey, data analytics have been an important wave in e-commerce. Data obtained from consumers’ interactions with agents, AI chatbots, and their online shopping experiences are collected with data analytics to provide businesses with the opportunity to create right buyer personas, make informed decisions, and to create how best they can serve their customers across various sales interface using real-time analytics.


Businesses are taking a more direct approach to reach out to their customers’ now, using their usernames or the name details registered with them. Consumers appreciate businesses that particularly treat them as being separate from the crowd. Hence, instead of a generic mail or message, they would prefer a message that mentions their names, say hello to them on birthday anniversaries and on other notable occasions. This personalization approach has been an e-commerce trend in consumer relationships.

Voice Search:

Gradually, voice searches are gaining preferences because of how easy it is to read a text than to type. Currently, about 20 percent of search queries are done via voice text. The percentage is expected to rise 50% more, in soonest years. This trend is easily noticed in the fast-growing purchase rate of Amazons’ Alexa/Echo and Google’s Siri.

And, although voice searches are now becoming rampant, businesses are to learn to provide short and succinct descriptions that satisfactorily cover important details of their products. This is so that it would be readable as a voice response to the queries.


video is becoming one of the most impressive things. An insight is seen on YouTuber, where over 2 billion video views are served a day. People prefer to watch short, “how-to” videos than having to read a step-by-step procedure into getting some things done. The same can be said of Instagram, which has been a major selling point for businesses through visual and audio displays of products. The e-commerce world is coming into this same wave and it is impressive. YouTube is ranked the second most frequently searched place for queries after Google. This shows that the video trend is here to stay, not just for this year, but also for a very long time.