new year wishes 2019

By 2018 we take this seriously. We remember that it’s good that you usually have to be good at things. Therefore, this year we will not say that New Year’s Eve is overestimated. New Year’s Eve was not overrated and said “New Year’s Eve is overrated” flooded. Yes, you do not want to take a terrible blanket and pack yourself into the limited space of hundreds of strangers, watch 11:36. Therefore, the savviest people will avoid New Year’s celebrations in New York, London, Paris, Sydney, Hong Kong and all other superstars that will present them to world-class assemblies. That means you enjoy the same as the NFL game at the end of the season: on the big screen at home.

So, you need an option. Las Vegas, Miami, and New Orleans are closed, but unfortunately, many of you have already thought of it. If you want to call in 2019 and organize another big party, you do not have to share it with the world. We recommend you to greet each other by choosing best happy New Year wishes 2019 and also 5 best places to celebrate your new year. May your New Year be better than the old one.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Can I access the streets of the city when it is less than 40 degrees? The Scottish Sun organizes an outdoor festival for you. On December 30, when the parliamentary missions went to Calton Hill to witness powerful fireworks, residents will attend the three-day Hogmanay Festival party. The second round took place on the 31st, while street and music festivals dominated and 4.5-ton fireworks at Edinburgh Castle dominated. The result is the world’s largest version, “Auld Lang Syne,” and almost everyone has emptied the city’s bars. New Year brings more outdoor light: Royal Mile runs, Forth River diving or traditional dog sledding.

South Lake Tahoe, California

Even on a weekend in January, South Lake Tahoe is one of the best small towns in the United States to spend the weekend there. But New Year’s Eve? California is going to ski, ski, and ski on vacation. On 29 and 31 December this year, the SnowGlobe Music Festival will be held, possibly the best cold weather-EDM event in the United States. The main players this year are Above & Beyond, Diplo and Eric Prydz. Even though you are not electronic music, the atmosphere is always a world-class celebration.

Berlin, Germany

You can watch the famous New Year’s Eve on TV, as the annual Sylvester festival at Party Mile, near the Brandenburg Gate, attracts a million people and some great rock bands. But what you may not see is the party that can come during the day – it’s one of the world’s best parties. Also, there is the annual Berlinale Silvesterlauf, a race where riders will hit the pancakes during the match. There is also no broadcast: every year, the free New Year 4K contest burned people who slept before noon. 8, New Year’s drinks.

Niagara Falls, Ontario

Although this party is close to Canada-US border, its presence is undoubtedly Canada. You can see fireworks on both sides, but the real party takes place in the north of the border with Victoria Park. A night concert is presented every evening in the Canadian series and does not show two lights. Fireworks. The largest New York crowd in Canada jumping into the park tries to keep warm with food and drink until midnight, the sky’s color on the Niagara ravine.

Seattle, Washington

Watching the fireworks on the Space Needle is one of the most iconic pictures of New Year’s Eve in the United States. One good thing in Seattle is that you can see it from everywhere. Of course, you can join the adventure in Seattle Center, where the volume is warmer than Times Square. But in a broader perspective, visit one of the many parks overlooking the needles such as Gasworks, Alki Beach or Kerry Park, which contain the best pictures of America’s best skyline. Seattle also has the best beer and the richest in the country, so you have to celebrate more than champagne.