Although Mykonos is the most expensive Greek island, there are still a lot of activities for tourists, even those on a budget. Just in case, you were about to strike out Mykonos as a holiday destination because of the probable costs, think again because this article covers a list of activities you can engage in while visiting Mykonos. The activities on this list will also not require you to break the bank. Here’s the list of our top holiday activities in Mykonos.

Explore the streets

Mykonos Island is known for its narrow streets with whitewashed houses. The streets of Mykonos seem like part of a movie set. Exploring these streets should thus be at the top of the list of activities planned into your visit as you would interact with the people and the unique culture and also enjoy a meal in the restaurants that adorn the streets. You wouldn’t be able to soak it all in, so remember to take some great pictures.

Hit the beaches

A visit to Mykonos wouldn’t be complete without spending some time at the beach. Mykonos holds a variety of beaches, so one will basically be spoilt for choice. Whatever type of beach you prefer, you will find one in that category in Mykonos. The beaches are also hubs of activities, so you shouldn’t be bothered about how much fun you will have. From sunbathing to partying, the beaches on Mykonos island do not disappoint.

Party the night away

If you visit Mykonos during the high season, you shouldn’t forget to party the Mykonos way. There are always at least a dozen parties every night, and every one of these parties is usually targeted at maximum fun.

Sightsee, especially the windmills

The windmills which were built in the 16th century attract tourists continuously and are worth visiting while on a trip to Mykonos. Visiting these windmills is typically on the list of activities of a lot of tourists, and for good reasons too. The windmills are also one of the sites in Mykonos where the most pictures have been taken, a majority of these pictures taken by tourists

Visit Panagia Paraportiani

Panagia Paraportiani is a town on Mykonos Island that houses Agios Efstathios church which brings tourists to the town in their numbers. Agios Efstathios church is also one of the churches that receive the most tourist attention around the world. The church is made up of 5 small churches; all built on top of one another.

Since the top tourist activities in Mykonos have been highlighted, it is only appropriate to highlight tips for visiting Mykonos on a budget.

First, while visiting Mykonos on a budget, plan the trip for the low season. You should also stick to cheaper food and accommodation options such as hostels and pizzas. We also recommend that people looking to holiday in Mykonos Island should make special plans towards eating at home before heading out and taking food to beaches instead of buying food on the beaches.

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