Tips to Avoid Burnout at Work From Home

Are you losing interest in the ‘work from home’ routine that has been forced down due to lockdown imposed to contain the spread of COVID-19? You must be slipping into a feeling of fatigue or malaise that can quickly turn into a downward spiral. If you want to fight the burnout caused by the work from home set-up, check out these top 5 tips to avoid work burnout and put yourself back on the track.

1.Unplug after work

1. Unplug From Work by Spending Time With Family by National Cancer Institute

If you feel the need to compensate for the lost productivity when working from home, by constantly checking your phone replying to your work emails, chat messages, and are quite active on social media apps even after the allotted work time gets over, you are probably overworking. And this could lead to burnout when working from home without setting a time limit for the amount of work you should be doing for a day. Make sure to disconnect with all the work-related activities post eight hours so as to make yourself feel that you are not always working.

2. Get organized

2. Get Organized by Marten Bjork

You may experience burnout due to being overloaded with work related to office and managing your home with the working from the home set-up. Eventually, this could make you feel extremely disorganized. So, manage your time and take stock of the important tasks at the office you need to get done so that it doesn’t collide in with your family time.

3. Pay attention to your body

3. Pay Attention To Your Body by Surface

Often, pains and aches of the body are caused by stress and anxiety. So, pay close attention to the signals of your body so that the burnout does not take you down physically during the work from home routine.

4. Take breaks

4. Take Breaks by Toa Heftiba

After you work for an hour, use 15 minutes to get up from your place and take a walk around your house. You may feel you are being productive by working nonstop but this is probably wearing you down over time and finally causing an extreme burnout.

5. Support system is the key

5. Support System is the Key by engin akyurt

Spending time with your loved ones at home and getting along with your friends over video or phone calls is essential to ease off the burden of your day to day stress at work from home routine. Ensure you have a little fun now and then since life is not all about work. As rightly said, “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.”