Top 6 Weight Loss Tea

As you are looking for the best weight loss tea, you shouldn’t go any here. Rather take a look at my TOP 6 best picks because they are result oriented and it is proved. So, let’s enjoy the benefits of all 6 magic teas in sipping a cup.

Green Tea

The result of sipping a cup of green tea regularly is Magical! Yeah, it’s magical because green tea has the fat-blasting effects. And it is proved in a recent study. It was found in a study that those who have the habit of taking 4-5 cups green tea daily with a 25 minutes session of sweating could lose 2+ pounds in an average than the non-tea taker excises.

Another study was done in 2008. The result which was found was amazing. The study was done on 60 overweight people. They were drinking dark green tea and placebo besides a standardized diet of 12 weeks.

The study found those who were drinking dark green tea lost 7.3 pounds more weight than those who took the placebo.

And this happened because the green tea extract is enriched with high catechins. Catechins can create antioxidants. And antioxidants are capable of boosting your metabolism and increasing fat burning.  And what’s the result? The result is simple. You will lose your weight gradually.

Oolong Tea

It’s another magic for your weight loss. This weight loss tea is popularly known as the black dragon but to the Chinese, it is Oolong tea. Oolong tea is very light, fruity, and full of fragrant aroma. It has also a unique flavor which is also enriched with catechins to reduce your weight.

The Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine did a 6 weeks study. They found people who drink Oolong tea regularly could lose 6 pound weights in this period. It’s wonderful because it is 1 pound per week in an average.

Black Tea

Black tea is very effective to control your weight. It is because black tea is prepared through more oxidation process than other teas. And it is proved in different studies.

A study was done on 111 people. The study found they could significantly lose their weight. And thus they could cut their waist circumferences with 3 cups black tea daily for 3 months.

Lemon Tea

Lemon tea is another ideal drink to add to your weight-loss diet because it is almost calorie-free. So, add it to your regular drink beside your diet. It will help you to fight against your bulging belly with its D-limonene content. But keep in mind; it can’t be your main strategy for slimming down yourself. It is a good supplement to your weight loss plan.

Herbal Tea

Some studies have found that herbal tea is also effective for body weight loss. It also helps in normalizing hormone levels. There are many popular herbal teas like rooibos tea, rosehip tea, ginger tea, and hibiscus tea. But among all, rooibos tea is very effective for burning fat.

 White Tea

White tea is another best option which you can add to your weight loss plan. It is because it can prevent new fat cells from forming to check your weight increase. The tea is enriched with antioxidants.  These antioxidants can simultaneously break down of fat and block the formation of fat cells. So, the result will be amazing when you will sip white tea every day.  It will help you to keep your waistline toned and tight, I mean slim.

Final Verdict

Now you know well which weight loss tea you need. Add it to you regular diet plane and decrease your weight radically to lead a RISK-FREE as well as enjoyable life.