Very few relationships coast along untroubled by life’s traumas. In fact, it sometimes seems the only partnerships never troubled by friction or disagreement are those featuring in fairy tales. For the rest of us, there are often tests to overcome. Make no mistake, whether you met your partner on a blind date or through a dating website, there will inevitably be challenges. But the good news is, provided there is a willingness to compromise and see the bigger picture, these can be tackled. Here are six of the commonest which can occur, and how these can be overcome.

Take the first date really seriously

A common mistake with dating is to assume the first date isn’t as important as the ones which will follow. Because you don’t really know the person that well, the assumption is it isn’t so crucial to make a really strong impression. But the challenge is to look upon your initial get-together as something which will pave the way for what will follow. So it is important to fully commit to your first date. Pull out all the stops in terms of revealing your character and ensuring they’ll want to see you again.

What if you really like a co-worker?

A relatively common challenge facing any relationship is what to do when you’ve fallen for someone you work beside. You will have to give careful consideration to whether or not the company you work for has strict policies about employees dating. It may well be the case you have to make a conscious decision about taking this relationship any further.

Coping with the making bigger commitments

While relationships can progress in a spirit of contentment, there will always be bigger decisions requiring your attention. It is important to be able to anticipate these challenges and prepare for them in advance. What happens when your partner asks you to move in with them? If you feel you have reached a point where you would like to approach the subject of engagement, do they feel the same way? The important factor to keep in mind is these challenges have been faced in most relationships at some point, so there will be always somebody to give you advice.

Keep your finger on the financial pulse

While it can sometimes seem uninspiring to have to dwell on the mundane aspects of a relationship, it is crucial you keep a tight rein on the nuts and bolts. This is especially the case when you move in together and begin sharing one budget for all your financial commitments. You should always be open when it comes to balancing books or making plans for the future.

Proactive communication. Always

Communication is the lifeblood of any successful relationship. Some of the challenges which will arise during your time together have the potential to seriously impair your happiness. But if you can meet this head-on as a team, you will be amazed at what you can achieve.

Know how to deal with the downside

In any relationship, the focus will inevitably be on the good times. You will celebrate your achievements and enjoy doing things together. But there will be other occasions when you feel less optimistic about what lies ahead. Life has a way of placing unanticipated obstacles in your path. The key to overcoming these challenges is being able to anticipate them happening and being able to deal with them in a mature way. When unexpected issues arise, the key is to pool your resources and deal with them together.