Companies are taking the call to shift from expensive on-premises setup to subscription-based cloud services from top vendors. Because they realize that Cloud Computing not only reduces their operating expenses but also helps them in amplifying their functionalities. And rightly so, Cloud Computing is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the Information Technology (IT) domain.

Talking about top vendors for Cloud Computing, names like AWS, Azure, GCP, Alibaba Cloud, and many more pop up. But what makes AWS, the market leader and its AWS certifications, top-notch?

There are many factors, which helped AWS earn that title. Amazon started its cloud services in 2006, much before its competitors even realized it. And a gap of 7 years before Microsoft caught on gave them the perfect time to experiment with the nascent technology, and because of those bold moves, AWS stands at the top with 32% of the market share. Just for reference, Azure only has 20% of the market share.

So, What exactly is AWS?

Amazon Web Services or AWS is a cloud service offered by Amazon, online e-commerce and IT giant. They offer Cloud Computing solutions as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS) for companies, to suit their varying demands. With Cloud Computing, companies need not worry to procure, provision, and maintain their on-premises setups, physical servers, to store data, meet compute needs, perform analytics, etc. Instead what they can do now, is that within just a few clicks, they get on-demand compute, storage, analytics services, database, and use them to scale up or down in line with the requirements all in a cost-optimized manner, that will help companies drastically reduce their IT expenses, and pay only for what they use.

A Quick Look At The Certifications

AWS offers 4 levels of certifications, Fundamental, Associate, Professional, and Specialty level. The fundamental level covers basics and just requires basic knowledge of AWS and how to work around in the platform. Associate level deals with professionals who have at least a year or 2 of experience in the AWS platform, and with each level up you will need to meet their requirements because AWS designs scenario-based questions, and can be solved only by those who have sufficient AWS working experience.

Let us now discuss the top 7 reasons to get an AWS certification:

Benefit 1: AWS is the Market Leader

AWS is the market leader and according to a survey, one website in every three is hosted in AWS. And they provide services to wide-ranging sectors and are not confined to any one domain. So, getting AWS certified will open doors for you to work in any of the AWS-hosted company and you can even work in your dream company, provided you meet their requirements and pass their interviews.

Benefit 2: Better Salary

These certifications offer you much higher salary packages and much better job opportunities. And since Cloud Computing is growing at a very rapid pace, most businesses will adapt to this new technology to stay afloat in a highly competitive era. According to popular job portals, like Glassdoor, PayScale, professionals with certification earn a better salary and more opportunities than professionals without certifications. And since AWS certifications are highly sought-after and some of its certifications are one of the most in-demand IT certifications, getting certified seems to be the best option.

Benefit 3: Integrations With New Age Technologies

You can secure your future if you are AWS certified, as an increasing number of new-age technologies like Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and Machine Learning (M.L), Internet of Things (IoT), etc. are developing at a very rapid pace, thanks to more integration with the cloud. You will be in a good position to switch your career at a later stage if you stay familiar with these technologies. And many new startups and legacy companies are increasingly shifting to AWS space, citing industry-leading features, and secure options in the coming days.

Benefit 4: Easy to Crack Certifications With Right Guide

AWS certifications are tough but achievable. As these certifications are not new, there are quite a lot of resources, which you can use to study, learn, and get certified. But if you lack time, and need an in-depth understanding of AWS, to crack its certifications, then enrolling in a good AWS certification course will get the job done. Enrolling in Intellipaat’s AWS training course will offer you the best industry-grade course, that provides guided projects, and exercises that are aimed at enhancing the practical experience and skills through 1:1 doubt clearing sessions, along with a Lifetime free upgrade and 24*7 technical access and support to the course.

Benefit 5: Leader in the Infrastructure as a Service

AWS is the market leader in the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Cloud Computing platform. As many industry surveys suggest, that AWS leads the majority of the IaaS market with reports stating that 53% of the market is held by AWS. Currently, IaaS is the fastest-growing market segment out of the three types of Cloud service. So, if you have the required knowledge, with experience in the AWS platform, you can get a job in a growing sector within the cloud domain.

Benefit 6: Familiarity With Best Practices in Industry

AWS tests these professionals to stringent regulations and standard practices before awarding them with AWS certifications. So, companies can be sure of what they can expect from AWS-certified professionals. They certainly add values and drive huge profits to the company through their work that is in line with industry best practices and regulations. And certified-professionals use this to demonstrate their expertise and credibility to potential customers and clients.

Benefit 7: Professional Networking

AWS certifications enable you to become a part of the Global AWS community and its rewards. You will get to participate in meetings, conferences, and seminars, which act as a perfect networking platform, to fuel your career growth. Once you get certified, you will receive invitations to AWS Global events, like re:Invent, and AWS Summit events, etc. You will receive digital badges, that you can use on various platforms to market yourself. You will get access to free practice exams that you can use to prepare for your next AWS certifications. Flaunt your love for AWS by wearing AWS exclusive merchandise, that you can unlock post-certification.


Cloud Computing is a growing field, and many industry experts believe Cloud Computing is still in its early phase, many more opportunities are up for grabs for qualified and certified professionals. As AWS leads, the Cloud computing race and some of the biggest names in the IT industry like Netflix, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitch, BBC, ESPN, etc. are hosted on Amazon’s cloud. And even many governmental organizations like the USA’s CIA are hosted in AWS, and that further establishes the dominance and trust factor of AWS Cloud.