Healthier Mind and Body While Studying Abroad

It isn’t easy to stay healthy and fit while studying away from home. Adjusting to new culture and environment takes a long time to get used to. Whether you are enjoying the local cuisine, adventuring with friends, or overloaded with studies, your health suffers as consequence.

So, how can you have all these new experiences without sacrificing your physical and mental well-being? Creating a balance is essential when taking on a different lifestyle while studying abroad. And it is all up to you as there are no doting family members to take care of you.

Changes in routine and habits is inevitable when you go to an entirely new place. But it should not lead to compromises in health. In fact, staying in shape will give you various activities that allow exploration and socializing in the new place. We have 8 of the best ways listed here to get a sound body and mind when studying abroad.

Morning Workouts

A busy university schedule does not allow much time for a proper workout. But entirely excluding any kind of exercise from your life can quickly take you downhill. There is always something that might give an excuse for not working out.

But you must give wellness the same priority as studying or spending time with friends. The best way to start your day healthily is by having an early morning workout schedule. It gives you a boost for the rest of the day and does not hinder any other activities.

Find a Friend to Workout With

Accountability can help you stay motivated while exercising. To achieve your health goals, involve another person in your workout routine. You can invite a classmate, roommate, or even a friend you have made in the area to be your exercise buddy. This makes it less monotonous and enjoyable, and helps you look forward to exercising every day. Make sure that your partner is also as committed to it and does not leave you midway.

Backpack Trekking

Even merely walking for long distances can do wonders for your health, no matter what your fitness level is. When you are not bound by a time limit, walk to your required destinations. Go out to explore the college campus or areas of the new city or town you are living in.

Having a heavy backpack with you on these occasions will lend some additional weight to the exercise. You will be surprised at how quickly you can lose pounds by doing just that. However, make sure that the bag is comfortable for your shoulders and wear appropriate footwear for these long walks.

Make Use of the Good Weather

If your study program takes you to a region with a temperate, sunny climate, then reap its full benefits. Spend time outdoors exploring whenever your schedule allows. Even if its is for a brief length of time.

Take in the fresh air and get your limbs active. Walk to places instead of taking transportation. It saves money as well as providing a workout. You can even ride a bicycle to places that are too far to walk. Some cities have lanes solely dedicated to biking, so you won’t even have to worry about the traffic.

Eat Before Dusk

One of the major attractions of being in any new place is sampling new dishes. You cannot miss out on the memorable experience of visiting local restaurants with friends. But there is an important thing you must keep in mind while enjoying all the delicacies. Have your meals before dusk. By eating in the early hours your blood sugar stays in control. Also, your body has enough energy to digest the food properly. This helps you sleep better and promotes weight loss.

Cook Yourself

Dining out is appealing but it can cost you a pretty penny if done all the time. And the meals are not always suitable for a healthy body. If you are fortunate enough to have a kitchen in your apartment or dormitory, then make use of it. For the majority of the week do the cooking yourself. You can treat yourself to your favorite take-out on the weekend.

If you find cooking by yourself a boring task, then there are certainly ways to make it more interesting. Explore the local farmer’s market and find out new ingredients. Look for ways to use them in your dishes. Search online for easy and quick recipes that do need a lot of ingredients for an initial boost. Invite your friends over and have a cookout with their combined efforts.

Do not Depend Solely on the Gym

If you have in mind that only getting a gym membership will help you stay fit, then think again. Especially when you are studying abroad. In most countries’ gyms can be pricey and do not exist in all areas. It is better to discipline yourself to maintain a healthy lifestyle rather than depending on an external source.

Join a Team

Signing up for a sports team at your college or local area gives you many opportunities. Simultaneously, you can meet new people, stay active, and give yourself some challenging goals. Finding and participating in a new sport can help you know more about the region’s culture and traditions as well. Even if you do not consider yourself an athlete then take on any other activities that are physically exerting. Join a dance class, play table tennis, or do yoga with a group of friends .

Making sure that you stay healthy while studying abroad can improve your experience there. When you are physically fit it leads to mental peace and you can learn new concepts better. If in need of assistance to lessen your academic burden you can reach out to cheap essay writing service. We have the most experienced writers proficient in all fields, to provide students with the best academic content. And our pricing packages are especially made to benefit students of all levels. For any related queries we are only a click away.