The Covid-19 Pandemic has paused the world. Lots of countries have gone into Lockdown for months to fight against this dangerously contagious disease. Amid this global pandemic, people are forced to stay inside their house to ensure social distancing.

This lockdown can affect the mental health of so many. If you want to save yourself from the bad effects of lockdown, it is good to engage yourself in some activities.

To name a few, we can:

1.     Learn a New Skill

Earlier you had the excuse of not learning a new skill but now when you are locked inside your house for 24 hours, you have all the time. Use this time to enhance your knowledge and sharpen your skills. You can learn something new which can prove to be an add-on into your CV.

There are lots of free/paid courses available all across the internet by various institutions which are providing certificates as well. Do invest your time in completing these courses and be more versatile.

2.     Play Online Games

Online games are so fun to play anytime. After all, what’s a better way to kill time during this quarantine? You cannot spend the entire pandemic vacation mopping the floors or studying or doing something productive. You need to play, but, what do you play when all the parks and fields are shut?

You resort to free slots, which are some widely played online games.

Who said quarantine couldn’t be fun?

3.     Spend Quality Time with Family

Loads of people used to complain about not finding time for the family. Now you have all the time on earth to spend with family. Make the time enjoyable and memorable.

If you are living with your parents then you can cook for them someday. In the noon, all the family members can play board games, cards together, indoor sports like badminton, table tennis etc. If you have kids then play with them. Play quizzes with them in order to enhance their knowledge. Do not just sit around with your phone but create happy memories for the lifetime.

4.     Start Gardening as it Gives Peace

Gardening is good for both Health and Heart. Looking at the continuous growth of plants, one feels happy. If you have a little space in the backyard of your house, you can actually grow some veggies. In this lockdown when it is hard to find good vegetables at reasonable rates, grow on your own. Parsley, Tomatoes, chilli, sponge gourd, and brinjal are some vegetables which you grow with very low efforts. All you need are some simple farming tools and seeds. You can even make a terrace garden if you have some space on the terrace. It will also keep the temperature of your house low in this long summer.

5. Form a Regular Workout Routine

What lots of people are doing nowadays is eating and lying on the sofa or bed most of the time. This can surely gift you belly tires with lots of other health issues. Therefore it is not wise to keep sitting at one place and enjoy Netflix. Move your body and do some good workout. Yoga, Cardio, Zumba or Aerobics you can choose anything according to your choice. Whatever you do, do it in a routine. Form a proper workout schedule and stick to it. It will not only keep you in good shape but also boost your immunity which is very important to fight with this disease.

6.     Make Friends with Books

If you are a habitual reader then this lockdown is the time to read the book you have been eyeing on for a long time. Enjoy your literary treat with a mug of hot coffee.

Those who have not explored the beautiful world of books yet, it is the best time. Start reading books. If there is someone in your house, who already owns some books then you can borrow from then. Otherwise, EBooks are always available. You can always feel relieved and happy when you are reading a good book. Books will not only enhance your knowledge but make you a better communicator.

7.     Learn a New Language

Knowing more than one language will always benefit you. Be it your career profile, a trip to a different country or exploring new content of different languages, it is always a win-win situation.

You can easily learn a language through online tutorials. YouTube is full of such videos. Do not waste your time rather put your energy in some productive work. Once this lockdown ends, you will be proud of yourself.

8.     Rearrange the House

Earlier, you may not have found time to clean the house but now you are free the whole day. Thus it is the ideal time to clean the untouched corners of your house. Look for the unnecessary stuff you have piled into your house which you do not need anymore. Throw them into the dustbin and get rid away from them. You can also rearrange the furniture to feel some change in the house.

Also, clean the house regularly to ensure that your home is safe from germs. Believe it or not, Cleanliness always gives happy vibes.

9.     Develop a Hobby

Hobbies bring you joy and help you get relief from stress. You never get bored in your leisure time if you have a hobby or two. Be it reading, writing, singing or playing an instrument you can choose any activity of your choice. When one has a hobby, he can connect better with people.

Having hobbies makes you more confident and develops your overall personality. You never know what your hobby can gift you. You may end up having a successful career if you master any art which was initially your hobby.

In a Nutshell

So you read that there are loads of things you can do in this corona crisis. The whole world is fighting against it and all we have to do is to stay inside our house. So make the most out of this time. Eat healthy food, bless your skin, think about creative ideas for growing your business and at the end, stay positive. We will surely win and everything will be normal again.