Being fat isn’t the world’s most terrible thing (it’s not even a bad thing) but a lot of fat persons can’t help but feel uncomfortable in their own skin.

Survey results taken from a group of women showed that 60 percent of these women hated their bodies and wished to trim off on fat.

Though being fat isn’t a death sentence, obesity, on the other hand, is something quite worrisome and it has eaten deep into today’s society. According to the centers for disease control and prevention, about 36 percent of the American adult population is obese which leaves much to worry about.

Obesity is mainly as a result of intake of excessive amount of fatty food and a deficiency in cutting down and burning out the calories accordingly.

It’s a general rule of thumb for persons who aim to cut some few pounds to hit the gym but it takes lots of rigorous exercises and perseverance (both of which are difficult to come by) to stay true to the agenda until the end.

There are other ways to cut down on calories that do not include straining one’s body. More interestingly, these methods could easily fit into our everyday routine, making it difficult to not keep up.

Embrace ‘the small’

If you are serious about trimming down on some fat, then small must become your new big. 3500 calories make up a pound and you wouldn’t believe how much you take into your body every day.

It simply a case of don’t eat fat-don’t get fat.

It might sound difficult but it really isn’t. Most times our bodies require a lot less than we take in. If your meal is served on a large plate or bowl, your mind makes you believe that you ought to eat most or all of it to be full.

What’s the remedy then?

Use smaller plates and bowls to serve your meal and try not to clean out your plate. In fact, make it a habit to reserve 25 percent of every meal. It’s not easy but it cuts down on some serious calories.

Your appetite could get in the way of this sometimes. Remember, appetite isn’t a meter to what your body requires.

Studies have shown that starting any meal with salad and a glass of water would reduce your appetite.

Watch what you eat

Since it is only through intake of calorie-rich food that one can acquire these extra fats, the smart thing to do would have been to avoid these kinds of food;

But you’ve got to eat.

Some of these rich-in-calorie foods are required by the body to function properly, and while they might cause you more calories, they have their own designated functions. Talk of a necessary evil.

The way to go is to strike a balance in consuming these foods and avoid the non-essential ones altogether.

Junk (food) is probably number one on the list of foods that should be avoided. Avoid it like the flu. Life would not be better off without junk but your body will. Buffets and dessert after a meal are other kinds of food you must learn to skip. They may look nourishing and all but they really only mostly are yummy calories bank.

Using a good Airfryer will do a great deal in cutting down the calories in the food we eat. Almost everyone loves a good fried food and fried foods go together with fat and oil content which are huge calories concerns. The better the air fryer, the better it will be at reducing oil content by up to 80% whilst still producing crispy food.

Exercise your body

The role of exercising cannot be replaced by anything else. While you mustn’t go through excruciating rigorous activities, the extra activeness would always help cut down on some calories.

Studies have shown that skinny people fidget often which in a way is an unconventional form of exercise. It has been shown that tapping one’s feet on the ground for a good time every day could go as far putting off 350 calories daily, losing you a pounds a week.

Other ways to cut down on calories include:

Getting enough sleep at night.

Eating nuts frequently.

Eating slowing.

Not eating in front of the television.