To become a successful entrepreneur from nothing is a very hard job. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Many people have tried to do just that and failed but there are others who flourished and eventually achieved that goal. But without failure there is no success. If you want to succeed at something you have to fail and learn from your mistakes. The main focus on this article is about the top 5 entrepreneurs who came from nothing. These are 5 people who can be used as the perfect example that hard work pays off in the end. Regardless of where you come from, you can become the very best and their stories can back this up. It’s a known fact that even the most successful people have struggled and have come from absolutely nothing. Here is my list of the top influential and inspirational entrepreneurs who truly came from nothing.

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is the founder of the world famous company Amazon. He was destined for success because, even before his company was created, Bezos was working at the Wall Street investment where hew as the youngest senior Vice President at that time. Not only he was the youngest at that time to achieve that but also the youngest to ever get to that position. He had a vision to have a company that is focused on the customers who want to buy anything online and make it easier for them and this is how he founded back in 1995. What makes Jeff Bezos’ journey so intriguing is that he decided to start the company and risked everything. Just a year later, in 1996, the employees that worked for Amazon were over 100 and the company was able to rack up to $15.7 million sales.

Ed Mylet

Ed Mylet was born in Diamond Bar, California and before he became a millionaire he was dreaming about other things like playing in the Major League Basketball. He then moved on to other dreams as he was able to graduate the Pacific University in Stockton. In 1992, he joined the WFG (World Financial Group) and quickly became a marketing director. He was even able to reach new highs when he moved to the executive vice president position and then joined the WFG Leadership Team. Worth more than $400 million, Mylet decided to start a podcast and interview a long list of famous and successful people like Andy Friscella, Grant Cardone and Tim Grover among many others. Besides the social media and the podcast, Mylet focuses mainly on being the president of a financial group with more than 40,000 employees signed.

Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone is a renowned sales trainer and also a best selling author of the books “If You’re Not First, You’re Not Last” from 2010 and “The 10X Rule” from 2011. Besides all that, he is also known as the man who accumulated over $900 million by building a real-estate empire all by himself. Interesting note about him is that he started the real-estate business as a side business because he wanted to focus on his primary business at that time. The first time he entered the real-estate is when he was at the age of 15 years. During that time he used to spend a lot of time with his father as the two visited different pieces of property as a family outgoing activity. He graduated from college back in 1981 and got an accounting degree. After failing when he was younger, Cardone found a way to succeed with his properties and the real-estate business. Throughout the years, he racked up huge amounts and went from $58 to $300 million.

Eric Worre

Eric Worre is known as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the network marketing industry. The professional spent over 25 years of his life to succeed in this business and managed to teach and help others follow in his footsteps. His journey began when he started working as a real-estate agent with his father back in 1988. His father and his partner offered him to attend a business meeting to earn some extra money and that is what changed everything. Worre focus on the marketing and soon he was able to obtain his own website. The website that he owns is the “Network Marketing Pro” which helps others gain marketing experience and he also does interviews with other millionaires and other public figures who work as entrepreneurs, public speakers, authors and many others.

Kustas Kirsipuu

Kustas Kirsipuu is an Estonian entrepreneur and cryptocurrency investor. He comes from a small village in Estonia and is ranked among some of the most successful young entrepreneurs who started from nothing. He’s one of the many young people who believe in themselves and don’t let their dreams be just dreams. He has worked with some famous millionaires such as Eric Worre and Paul Getter, among many other class influencers widely known in the business community as a leader, he was able to obtain between 7 and 8 figure businesses and continued to work in the network marketing business. The young entrepreneur is still striving to reach all of his goals tries to create a financial freedom for himself and help others achieve that. Kirsipuu is the perfect example a young person, who, at the age of 29, was able to not only succeed but also help others achieve their goals and become entrepreneurs.


These five entrepreneurs are just a few of the many who have succeeded. There are entrepreneurs all over the world that started their own businesses and managed to achieve their goals. Whether it’s work as entrepreneurs, public figures or work in the real-estate or marketing fields, there are plenty of options to earn millions of dollars and have your name right next to the above-mentioned people. In order for you to become everything that you wanted and be an entrepreneur, you have to be prepared for everything. You have to risk everything and focus on your goals. As long as you believe in yourself, everything is possible. At the end of the day it’s in our own hands to make our life better and to rise the quality of life.

Who are the success entrepreneurs that you look up to?

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