You are at the center of the organization and have to concentrate on the achievements of the present, as well as set the strategies to ensure the progress of the future.

You have to keep an eye on the employees, while not pressurizing or overburdening them. Being the boss of an organization also places the person in a critical position, where he/she has to take the things in a balanced manner, to ensure the productivity of the workers, as well as the progress of the organization.

Most of the times, bosses are considered quite critical and intimidating, instead of being cooperative and lively, which actually compels the employees to avoid them.

Following are some qualities which can ensure the popularity of the bosses, as well as help them to become an inspiring leader for their employees, instead of an intimidating boss.

1. Set Clear Goals

Managing an organization, irrespective of the fact that it is small or large is quite a demanding job. There are different kind of employees in every organization. Some employee are overly enthusiastic and work quite efficiently, while some others are too careless to fulfill their responsibilities timely.

It does not mean that they lack the competency of accomplishing the task; however, their careless attitude becomes a hindrance in their achievements. One of the most important qualities of the ideal bosses is that they set clear goals for organizational progress.

Most of the times, employees work as teams, and the goal setting of the team helps the team members to stick to their goals and contribute to the progress.

Guiding the employees, as well as motivating them towards the progressive direction is the most constructive effort that a boss can make, in order to ensure goal achievement.

2. Communicate With Employees

Better communication is actually the key to the success of an ideal boss. Communication is important because of the fact that if the boss would not communicate his vision or dream with the employees, they would not be able to support him/her in its achievement.

Moreover, communication is also necessary to make the individual employees feel connected to each other while contributing to the achievement of clearly identified bigger goals.

Communication is also an important strategy to inspire the employees and boost their confidence and loyalty, to work even hard and contribute to the progress of the organization.

3. Value Ideas of Employees

One of the most important qualities of the ideal bosses is that they value the ideas of the employees. They treat their employees as their asset and not just as an individual who is being paid for his services.

They try to keep the employees engaged in setting the strategies of achieving the goals of the organization. They ensure to motivate the employees to share their ideas about the strategies and try to work on effective ones.

They never tend to ignore the ideas of the employees or take credit of it, which boost the confidence and loyalty of the employees.

4. Offer Rewards

Another remarkable quality of the ideal bosses is that they not only acknowledge the efforts and contribution of the employees towards the progress of the organization but also offer them rewards.

The rewards can be as simple as appreciation in front of other workers and can be as grand as promoting the employee.  Provision of reward not only boosts the morale of the employees but also helps them to stay loyal to the organization, as they feel valued and treasured.

5. Make Work Place Fun

The intimidating bosses make the workplace the most stressed and boring place, which impacts the motivation and loyalty of the employees. On the other hand, the ideal or best bosses, try to keep the workplace fun-oriented and stress-free.

They do not pressurize their employee to stay busy in their work all the time but ensure that the employees get some time to re-energize themselves, either it is through fun activities or sports activities.

There are many other qualities which help the bosses to become an ideal leader for their employees. However, I found the above-mentioned qualities most impressive and decided to write my essay about them. You can explore other qualities as well.