Since from the starting of the film making to the trending movies now good movies always wins the race. Success of a film includes many artful creations, narrations & many other things. I want to ask simple query to you: Why do we watch movies? Some people say acting, story etc etc but what the main reason behind it. Don’t think much it is just for fun. We invest lot for fun. Fun can be different according to the situation. But the majority of fun is watching favorite movies Offline or Online with friends or closed ones. Let’s talk about The Amazing Spider Man 2 Movie as an example. It crossed more than 90 million USD just in a month in May 2014 & Collected lot of pennies. This Spider Man Movie Success is really so simple – It is extremely funny with good cinematography. So we are here to show you some good and the most funniest movies of all time in the movie history.

Top Funniest Movies of All Time – Have Filmy Fun:

Watch the most funniest films of all time online which is on my list. We think you will definitely love movies which I am presenting you in the below curtain.

Superbad Movie:

Writing partner Evan Goldberg and Seth Roden wrote a good script when they are in teenage. When they made the Super bad movie script to reality in Hollywood they were too old but they had really awesome results just after the movie production. They got Huge Profits, Fame & became stars in the Hollywood. In this film, Jonah Hill and Michael Cera Plays as high school best friends and goes insane one night when trying to lose their virginity. No one had thought that Jonah Hill will be nominated in a Martin Scorsese film for an Academy Award. This Movie is Emma Stone Launching Rocket. Talladega Nights & The 40 Year Old Virgin Movies are also done by this movie director. I hope you like those too.

Tommy Boy Movie:

Tommy Boy movie is actually powered by the Paramount Pictures. I think you know Chris Farley – one of the famous comedian and an American actor. He made many bad movies in his whole history. Most People remember only few like Black Sheep, Beverly Hills Ninja & Tommy Boy. His Comedy is really awesome in Tommy Boy Film in 1995. Don’t underestimate it by seeing the year of release. Watch it once and you will know how funny it will be. In this Film, Chris Farley acted as a heir to the brake pad company which is struggling to survive in the business field. It’s is really amazing and lot more funnier than the sound of the description. It gave an awesome song to the world “ Fat Guy in a Little Coat” at that ages. Don’t Miss it Buddy.

Raising Arizona Movie:

This movie is done by the Coen Brothers (Joel Coen & Ethan Coen). It is the third movie done by the Coen Brothers. This movie is all about a police woman and a career criminal. Police Woman (heroine) marries a career criminal (hero) just to discover that she’s infertile. This Couple kidnaps local business tycoon’s baby. Everything changes after the kidnap happens. There will be several consequences repercussions when kidnap happens especially if there is a big reward for the baby to return to the business tycoon. This is only first film that Coen Brothers got Huge Profits and Big Audience. Ethan Coen also got an Academy Award for Fargo Film (Best Screenplay in 1997).

Anchorman Movie – The Legend of Ron Burgundy:

This Movie actually had a hit to the Audience in the summer of 2004 and got several fans around the world. It is emerged as one of the best comedy movies of 21st century with the best screenplay. There is a sequel of it too. That one was far more fun when watching. Anchorman film is so bizarre and it is full of jokes package with realistic shows. You need to have multiple views before you understand the whole movie. If you watch this movie fifth or sixth time, you will find the awesomeness of fun in this movie with the ultimate comedy. The jokes in the tv shows in the movies are really appreciable. It kills boredom in your heart when watching.

Step Brothers Movie:

Over the years, Anchorman got lots of attention. After that an awesome Adam McKay/Will Ferrell Movie (Step Brothers Movie) came to existence with lot of funny moments & actions. This film is about two moronic guys. They forced to live together as a family when their parents got married. They will begin the story as mortal enemies in their immortal history but don’t worry – they became friends in the mid-way. Step Brothers (mid 40 age brothers) becomes friends and rocks in the whole movie in a great screenplay. I hope you will like Step Brothers fun and nasty things they do behind the movie curtain.

The 40 Year Old Virgin Movie:

The main character in this movie is the most famous Steve Carell. He is a movie director, actor, comedian, Producer and write too. In this movie, Steve Carell leads the main role in the Judd Apatow film as lovable loser. Buddies of Carell discovers that he’s a virgin and pledged to get him laid with some girl. Of Course it is the biggest blockbuster surprise hits of the year just after and release and it is still more fun to many people. It is one of the major comedy movies in the last decade of movie’s history. Don’t miss the fun of 40 Year Old virgin.

Airplane Movie:

Leslie William Nielsen was one of the main lead characters in this film. He leaded with great comedy sense in this movie. This movie got good appreciation from all types of people. This film is done with the tiny budget. Similar to the naked gun film, it crossed several audience views online and offline. It is directed and released in 1979 with a lot of stunning jokes within the span of 87 minutes. So don’t miss Airplane movie fun.

And there are lot movies which give you lot of fun. You can know these type of movies using infivid, imdb blogs etc.. I hope you will like the movies listed on this blog screen. If you want any type of movie and update just comments below. Share it to know your pals too and have fun with all of your buddies.


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