In an age where social media is a staple for communication, business leaders who aren’t on social are at a serious disadvantage. But navigating the complex landscape can be stressful and overwhelming and it’s no wonder so many executives are hesitant to set up an online presence. It’s easy to feel the pressure to create earth shattering content while maintaining authenticity — a seemingly impossible task. How can you succeed on social media without letting it run your life? 

We’ve collected tips from business leaders who have found the perfect balance while also using social to benefit their business. They share their journey to becoming social media experts! (Responses adapted for length and clarity.)  

Jeffrey Hayzett, CEO of the C-Suite Network

I think being authentic is the key for pretty much anything in life. When you demonstrate that you’re genuine, people will flock to you — whether personally, professionally or on social media. As a business leader, I am constantly posting what I’m doing professionally (my speaking events, our C-Suite Network conferences, television interviews, etc.) and sometimes give people a behind the scenes “sneak peek” before I’m about to record one of my podcasts. People love those ‘glimpses’ and the authenticity you provide them through social media.

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Dre Fox, Social Media Consultant, Instagram Expert, Blogger and Motivational Speaker 

One of the biggest misconceptions I hear from leaders on social is that they feel pressured to create unique and earth-shattering content in order to stand out online. This simply isn’t true! In fact, I encourage leaders to take their knowledge and repackage it for their audience on social in many different ways over the course of a year so you become known for your ideas and methods. To illustrate this, perhaps you have 3 tips for creating a business plan and next time it’s 3 mistakes to avoid. Similar content, different modes of delivery.

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Ronne Brown, CEO of Girl CEO Inc

When it comes to my audience, I make it a priority to engage with people on a daily basis which includes responding to my DMs, finding accounts that interest me and showing them love. Even though social media is a virtual platform, I find I can still personally connect with customers through voice memos. It’s a great personal touch! Most are shocked that it’s really me. I even send videos which allows us to build a more personal connection.

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Ashish Fernando, Founder and CEO of iSchoolConnect

I began by posting informative videos on my personal youtube channel, without worrying too much about visibility and SEO. The first thing I realized after becoming active on social media, was that remaining consistent and putting out engaging content can do wonders for your profile. The response I’d received was truly unprecedented and these are the major tips, tricks, and hacks I abide by: story-telling works the best, portray yourself as the ultimate thought leader in your field and make sure you share platform-specific content. 

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Pratik KC, Founder and CEO of PhyberTech 

My “top hack” for succeeding on social media as a business leader would be providing consistent value through my content. Rather than just posting cliche motivational quotes and pictures, I share my personal journey as a young entrepreneur which is much more personable and engaging. Consistency is hands down the most important aspect when building any sort of social media presence and it is vital as a business leader to embody it. 

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Paige Arnof-Fenn, CEO of Mavens & Moguls  

Social media and technology are 24/7 so it is easy to get sucked into it but you do not have to let it run your life! My advice is to pick a few things you enjoy doing and do them really well. You cannot be everywhere all the time so choose high impact activities that work for you and play to your strengths. For example, Content Marketing and Thought Leadership are great ways to build your brand, increase your visibility more broadly, raise your profile and attract more clients/customers.

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Laurel Mintz, Founder and CEO of Elevate My Brand

You don’t have to do it all on your own. Use social planning software or have someone who’s better than you at social media, such as your executive assistant, manage your page. Social media management is crucial, but it can be a full-time job in itself. As long as you provide the direction and oversee the voice and content, it will still be authentically you. Don’t get lost in it.

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We’ll be the first to admit that social media can be incredibly stressful and it can easily feel like it’s running your life. But when used right, it’s a powerful platform that can be used to inspire and influence an audience. Hopefully these tips will help you reach your social media goals! 

What’s your top hack for succeeding as a business leader on social? Let us know in the comments!