You could not find people that hate watching movies. The reason is that, Hollywood movie is something that could make some sense to the time you spent. Yes, watching a movie can be beneficial in a lot of ways. First of all, you will get inspiration in watching movies. Every movie has a different story, characters and source. All such movies will inspire you in some way. Everyone watches movies in different visions. Not all the people can grasp the same things in a movie, it depends how people see a movie, what they take from it and more. 

Do not think that, watching a movie is a time pass or waste of money. Watching a Hollywood movie is something that can provide you many benefits which are awareness, inspiration, good laugh, relationship bonding, emotions, traditions, love, life, aim, achievements, thrilling experience, give break from your routines, gives idea for an aspiring cinematographer or director or actor and more, takes your stress out, good entertainment, spread positivity and more. You can enjoy all these things by watching a Hollywood movie. Now, we are going to discuss about the top Hollywood movies that will leave a strong inspiration to you.

Reasons to Watch the Hollywood Movies

There are people that do not know the benefits of watching the movie. They just think that, watching is no more going to be a benefit to them. The following reasons will let you why you should watch Hollywood movies.

· Watching Hollywood movies will create a kind of awareness in you. Yes, there are movies that made on social awareness and watching that kind of movies will crop the same awareness in your mind. Movies honor killing, dowry, child abuse cases and more will help to create the needed awareness in your mind. The spectators even when watching the movies feel for the on screen individuals going through such issues. With no doubts, watching the awareness movies will leave a strong message to the society.

· The movies will bring a thrilling experience to you. There are horror movies that are scripted like true happenings. Watching that kind of movies will let you know how strong you are. There are movies that make you jaw dropping and corner of the seat excitement. Watching that kind of movies is a good time pass and guaranty for the experience.

· There are movies that bring a healthy laugh in you. Did you recall the last time when you laugh out loud? These days, people could not find time for themselves. If you watch a movie, you can hardly spend more than 2 hours for you. Whatever in the movie you watch, but it is for you. If it is a movie with comic, you can laugh all through the movie.

· One of the main benefits of watching a movie is the inspiration. The movie will give an inspiration to you and tell you how you should live your life and how you should not live your life. You can see the ordinary men and women turn into heroes and heroines. You can able to see a life of a common man turned into hero with different levels of perception. You can able to realize that even a normal person like you gets hold of capacity of doing miracles.

· Watching a movie is your time. No matter, either you watch the movies alone or with your family or friends or loved one, but it is the time that you are going to spend for the satisfaction and happiness of you. Be it the time for you, you can get a good break from your routine.

· At present, due to their hectic life style, people are feeling stressed and dumped. They could not find time for their happiness, shopping and more. Watching a movie can be a good stress buster. In order to forget the stresses of your life and work for some time, you can reckon watching a movie.

· Watching a movie is a mood changer. Yes, you might be down or disappointed for something and you hold onto the same thing for a while. In order get out from what makes you feel down, you can consider watching a movie. The movie can change your mind and make yourself comfortable traveling into the story of the movie. So, watch movies and change your mind and mood yourself.

· Besides all these things, entertainment is the foremost reason why one wants to watch movies. Watching a movie can be entertaining and at the same time, you can take the things what is explained in the movie.

If you want to cherish all the above mentioned things, you should watch the Hollywood movies. If you really want to enjoy the movie and want to feel worth investing your time in the movie, then you need to watch the movies that can boost up your mind, inspire you and motivate you for something. Yes, rather than watching the movies in a random fashion, you can watch the selected movies that being a big hit, reputed and famous for some things. If you watch that kind of movies, you would not feel that your time is wasted on the movie. The following are the movies that can be your life changer too.

Try to watch those movies and enjoy your time. I know that you could not watch all those movies in a day. You can watch a movie by movie when you really get time. 

MarketVein presents you Top Motivational Hollywood Movies

Schindler’s List

It is a true story of Oskar Schindler. He is a German businessman, who saved the lives of more than 1000 polish Jews at the time of the Holocaust by giving employments to all of those people in his office. What is more inspiring in this movie is the power of a common man. Yes, one should not underestimate the strength of a man just like others. If you really want to watch something inspirational and adorable, you should not miss out this movie. This movie is directed by Steven Spielberg.

The Blind Side

This movie has been directed by John Lee Hancock. The blind side is a story of Michael Oher. He is a homeless African-American young man. He is taken by the Touhys, a white family and the white family helps him fulfill his potential. When he lives in the white family, he faces a lot of challenges as it is a completely new place to him and new rituals and traditions. He is a student and football player. With the assistance of his coaches, he becomes a good player. What is inspiring in this movie is that, even though the young man lost his home, but he did not lose his spirit and potential, he has gave his fullest to become what he wanted to become.

The Color Purple

The story writer of the movie is Alice Walker. The color purple is a prize winning novel. This story is all about the life and happenings of young African-American girl. The inspiring portion of this movie is that, the African-American girl faces troubles like sexism, poverty and racism, but still, she feels herself worth as two female companions stood up for her. She does not think about what she has and what she did not, she just lives her life with the flow and with the assistance of the two female companions.

Pursuit of Happyness

Gabriele Muccino is the director of this inspirational movie. Everyone says stay strong in your bad times. This movie is the best example of how to stay strong in the bad circumstances and how to make the most of your bad situations. This movie is all about the life of the Christopher Gardener. In the internship brokerage business, he lost all his earnings. When he lost his money, his wife leaves him. He is just left with his spirit of achieving what he wants. The motivating thing in this movie is that, if you want to get something, you have to run behind it so hard regardless of who stays and who leaves. If you work hard to achieve your dream, you will get it with no doubts.

Eat Pray Love

The author of this movie is Elizabeth Gilbert. It is a story of a married woman. The married woman realizes that, how incomplete and unhappy her marriage life is. She realizes that, this is not her life and she needs to travel in a different way. She gets a divorce from her partner and travels to various parts of the world to find herself. What is inspiring in this movie is that, a woman can backup herself without a man. It is nothing wrong if a woman wants to live her life in the way she wants rather than how her husband or children want.

The Shawshank Redemption

The movie was directed by Frank Darabont. This movie is all about two prisoners in jail together for many years. They both together try to find comfort and recovery all through the way they behaves and their decorum. What is inspiring in this movie is that, Andy never gives up his hope and positivity even though he put in jail through a wrong conviction. He positively does everything to complete his life.

The Bucket List

The director of this movie is Rob Reiner. If you want to watch how elderly gentlemen live their life even though they suffer from life threatening disease, you should have no other options than watching this movie. This is a story of two elderly gentlemen badly suffering from cancer. They wanted to live their life to the fullest and the way they wanted before they die. Yes, they wanted to cherish all the finest things in their life without compromising or sacrificing anything. What is inspiring in this movie is that, they know they are going to die, but still, they wanted to enjoy their life rather than simply sitting and worrying about their illness.

My Left Foot

Jim Sheridan is the director of this movie. This is a true story of Christy Brown, a victim of Irish Cerebral Palsy. Christy Brown brought up to become a famous author and painter. What is inspiring in this movie is that, the man is paralyzed right from the birth. He is helpless and useless, but the young man’s mother never gives up on her son. Only the man’s left foot is not affected by the disease and with the left foot, the man is learning how to write and paint. If you watch this film, you would come to know how to learn and live with what you have rather than looking what others have.


The director of this movie is Garth Davis. This is a film that keeps you motivating right from the beginning to end. There is not even a single scene that could disappoint you. The story has been scripted in a fantastic way that can hit your soul and mind with no doubts. The story is about an Indian man, who gets separated from this mother at the age of five. After that, he is taken care and fostered by the Australian Couple. Regardless of everything, the boy is desperate in finding his family which he lost at the age of five. With the availability of Google earth, the boy heads up to find his lost family even though he has a very little remembrance of them. This is a movie of determination. This is a movie that you should not miss out. It is a must watch Hollywood movie.

It’s A Wonderful Life

The director of this movie is Frank Capra. It is a story of an angle helping a compassionate, but hopeless businessman showing by what life would have been like if he not existed. What is inspiring in this movie is that, George Bailey is realizing how many lives he has touched and helped through this presence. In this movie, you can enjoy the brilliant performance of Stewart. If you watch this movie, you can think about yourself what would have happened if not you exist in this world. Now, you have existed, and you can think how many people have benefitted with your presence. With no doubts, this movie will reveal the real you.

Cast Away

Robert Zemeckis is the director of this movie. This is a story of a man cast away on an island due to his plane crashes into the ocean. He is left alone with no human contact, no relatives, no girl friend and nothing. He engage in a battle with himself and he is tested physically, emotionally and mentally to survive. This story will question yourself what would you do if you were in his situation. What is inspiring in this movie is that, even though the man has nothing with him, but he still survives and wanted to survive. Watch this movie and start cherishing the things that you have in your life at the moment.


Jonathan Demme is the director of this movie. This is a story of Tom Hanks, who plays a lawyer in a firm. Unfortunately, he has been dismissed from his company for his incompetency. The actual reason for his dismissal from his company is that, he has AIDS. After the dismissal, he enters into Washington Denzel as an injury lawyer and he is prepared to stand up for justice. What is inspiring in this movie is that, even though he has been dismissed from one company, but he survives with a lot of respect and humanity by his another workplace. Watch this movie and learn how to treat everyone same.

I Don’t Feel at Home in this World Anymore

Macon Blair is the director of this stunning movie. This movie might not be your first pick, but you should have this movie in your watch list. This is a story of fearful nursing assistant, who addresses a new lease on her life when she and her neighbor work together to pull down the degenerates who broke into her house. This movie will definitely make you have faith in humanity despite all the bad in the globe. You will surely want to give a lot of love and affection to the people as much as you can after watching this wonderful movie.


John G. Avildsen is the director of this movie. Rocky is a small time boxer, who gets once-in-a-lifetime chance to take part in the heavyweight championship. The story is about his conflict to go to the distance for his self-respect. What is inspiring in this movie is that, a man can be like anyone or anything, but achieving his dream needs his determination and stamina. If you want to achieve your dream, you need to work hard for it. By watching this movie, you would come to know how to work hard to get your dream.

Forrest Gump

Robert Zemeckis is the director of this movie. This story is about a simple man with little brain activity. His brain activity might be little, but his intentions are great. This movie is all about his struggle all through his life from his childhood with his only friend Jenny. The story depicts the ways of life taught by his mama. What is inspiring in this movie is that, an innocent man is being the representative of the world and he plays the representative of how the world should be like loyal, truthful, humble and honest.


The Christopher Nolan is a director of this movie. This story is about two rival magicians, who try to outplay each other. It is an intriguing tale of drama with each other trying to do very smart. The director of this movie is played an amazing role by keeping the audiences totally engaged in the movie. The spectators of the movie can enjoy watching the movie. With no doubts, you can watch this movie.

The Godfather

Francis Ford Coppola is the director of this movie. This is the most favorite movie of all time and for all generation. Not just the audiences, but the entire film making industry has been inspired by this movie. This is a story of gang wars happen between different mafia gangs in America. You will get to know about the godfather of gang war and know how the gang war was lead by the gangsters by watching this movie. This is a movie that you must watch out for.

A Beautiful Mind

Ron Howard is the director of the movie. It is a story of a Mathematical genius on a hassle path of self revelation. You can able to various faces of human emotions in this movie. This movie reveals the true side of John Nash. This movie is based on the book by Sylvia Nasar. If you watch this movie, you will get to know about lots of messages for you. Watch this movie and worth your time.

Life of Pi

We all have heard a lot about this movie – right? I am sure that your answer would be yes. Ang Lee is the director of this movie. It is the story of sole human survivor of the ship when moving towards Canada, Pi find himself in the middle of the ocean stuck with the companionship of an orangutan, a tiger and a hyena. This story depicts the adventures and struggles faced by Pi all through this journey. The movie is not just inspiring but a visual treat too. Watching this movie will let you know how to be strong even when alone.

The above mentioned movies are the top motivational and inspiration Hollywood movies to watch out for. You can watch these movies and know what all these movies have for you. Watching a movie is not really a waste of money and time, so with no hesitations, watch the Hollywood movies and get inspired. What are you waiting for still? Find time and watch movies.