Meaningful Manners: Teaching Kids Gratitude And Kindness [Forbes]: Practicing kindness and gratitude are two keys to being happy — and to making the world a better place. And there are many ways kids can learn to do exactly that. Here are some strategies that may help your kids strengthen their kindness and gratitude muscles.

A Compassionate Approach to Raising Resilient Kids [TED Talks]: A compassionate approach to raising resilient kids invites us to understand our children’s needs, interests and passions, focus on and nurture their strengths, and facilitate the cultivation of tools that foster well-being and success. In this way, they become equipped to meet challenges, overcome obstacles, and bounce back from adversity. We know that many of today’s young people are suffering, whether from anxiety, depression, trauma, or difficult personal circumstances. Regardless of the nature or severity of their struggles, all of our young people deserve our compassion. When we create emotionally safe spaces for learning, and offer opportunities to experience and cultivate well-being, happiness and success, at home and at school, we are providing a solid foundation that our children can draw upon throughout their academic, personal, and work journeys. This talk outlines guiding principles for raising resilient kids through a compassionate approach, and offers evidence-based practical tools, derived from positive psychology, for use outside and inside the classroom.

Nurturing kindness, compassion & gratitude in our kids [Best Of Parenting]: It seems that although parents may say that they value the attribute of kindness and gratitude, they don’t often take the necessary steps to try and raise their children as such. We must remember that children aren’t born good or bad — it is up to us as parents to teach them the values that will help them grow to become kind and moral adults.

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Raising a Compassionate Child [FirstCry Parenting]: Compassion will teach your kids how to develop love for everyone, including themselves and lead a meaningful life. It will make them care for the environment around them and be more respectful. However, experiencing the feeling of compassion does not come naturally to all kids. It is something that they will pick up only when the people around them will show them acts of being compassionate and kind.

How To Raise Grateful Kids [HuffPost]: Indeed, practicing gratitude has been linked to happiness, confidence, compassion and more. But how exactly can loving adults instill a sense of gratitude in their children? HuffPost spoke to parents and experts to find out.