Whisky investment is gradually establishing its portfolio in the realm of investment because the risk is minimal while you can gain a huge profit. Whisky investment is growing hurriedly in many countries like Singapore and other western countries because the demand is huge. The Scotch Whisky Association has claimed that the demand for single malt whisky is growing rapidly in the recent times and the sales of whisky were increased by 190% as compared to the past decade.

Investing in whisky in Singapore is quite popular among the investors. Let’s take a look at why do you invest in whisky cask?

  1. The market: Whisky is considered as an affluent drink. Apart from the Western countries, the demand for whisky is rising in the Eastern countries like Singapore also. The core reason behind the popularity and demand for whisky is Singapore and the eastern countries are crammed with many affluent and well-heeled people who think whisky can uplift their status. This is the reason behind the astounding growth of whisky over the past few years and is expected to keep growing. That’s why many people in Singapore are investing in whisky.
  2. Numerous events in Singapore: As an investor, you can purchase whisky bottles directly either through whisky funds or through various online investment platforms which are specially designed for the whiskies. These organizations host multiple events for whisky tasting in Singapore very often. Apart from auctions, there are many more things like pre-bottling releases, etc. You can take an expert advice from a deft and the sagacious person who has a vast knowledge of whisky production and its market. The person will give you an idea about rare whiskies, where you should invest, which to hold, which to sell, appropriate storage, and many more relevant things.
  3. This is a smart investment: If you are an investor, then always go for limited and special editions of whisky bottles. Whisky distilleries which have started releasing limited and special editions from the early 90s onwards and today, these limited releases are even rarer and thus, they are valuable. You can consider the example of the Macallan ‘M’ whisky. Only four bottles were made, and just two were ever made available. You must be happy to know that one of these bottles were sold for €323,000 at auction. So, people in Singapore think that this is a smart investment and that’s why they are spending a chunk of money for whisky investment.
  4. Storage: The storage is another reason why people are investing in whisky in Singapore. The storage of whisky is much easier as compared to wine or other beverages. If you are planning to store it for a long time, then you need to take a special care. You should keep the bottles in an airtight condition and should place them far away from the sunlight. The storage temperature is lower than room temperature so that only a minimal volume of whisky can evaporate.
  5. People are passionate about whisky and used to do researches: research is another factor which you need to consider before you are planning to invest in whisky First, try to educate yourself about whisky and its market. You also need to find out which brands or editions are in high demand in the market. If you don’t have an adequate knowledge about the product where you are planning to invest, then in future, you may face a huge monetary loss. In Singapore, people are passionate about whisky and thus, they do the required researches before investing a single penny in this market.

These are some reasons for the popularity of whisky in Singapore and why should you go for a whisky investment there.