Most Americans do not make vacations a priority. We see them as a privilege and not a right. In fact, vacations can make people healthier.

Regular vacations can promote positive mental health, physical well-being, and higher productivity at work.

One of the best kinds of vacations is a girls trip. Women who take girls trips with their sisters, cousins, best friends, daughters or mothers have learned to put themselves high on their priority list and recognize the advantages of girls only vacations. There are several variations of a girls trip: bachelorette parties, spa weekends, road trips, camping, or adventure destinations. The beauty of a girls trip is the endless possibilities! The phenomena of female-only travel are now recognized by academics and are the subject of countless journal articles and published papers, such as this one by Dr. Heather Gibson from the University of Florida that analyzes girls trips at different life stages.

Here are several top reasons for taking a girls trip:


It is easy to get lost in your identity through your career or as a wife or mother. When you travel with your girls, you get the chance to just be YOU again, without the daily responsibilities that can be isolating and draining. Many women are juggling so many things at once and need the chance to let someone else take over for a while and concentrate only on themselves. Rest and relaxation are key components in a well-balanced life. This kind of break is vital for recharging and reminds women that they have a support network.


“Remember that time when…” is an oft-heard phrase during a girls trip. Reminiscing about old times is a great way to have some laughs and also reflect upon the many stages of life. How have you changed and grown, and where do you see yourself in the future? Women use girls trips to bond and realize that they are not alone in their experiences, challenges, and triumphs.


A wellness vacation offers several opportunities to work on your body, mind, and soul. These types of girls trips can be all-inclusive at a wellness retreat center or resort and can include yoga, meditation, hiking, organic cooking, and spa treatments. Another advantage to a wellness vacation is the ability to disconnect from technology and focus on the relationships that are right in front of you.

New Experiences

Girls trips can give you the chance to break out of your comfort zone and explore new places, cultures, and foods. Female travelers can visit destinations that appeal to whatever they are looking for without having to worry if their spouses or children will find it appealing. Don’t be afraid to change it up a bit; if you are a “nature” girl, try experimenting with makeup like MAC or perfume like Dolce & Gobanna for Women. If you are a city girl, spend a weekend on a working farm. Take this opportunity to do something you never thought you could do.


Finally, one of the best features of a girls trip is FUN! Lots of laughter, food, friendship, and love are key elements to a successful girls trip. One traveler likens her girl’s trips to a Spiritual Detox.

Girls only trips can take a lot of planning; everyone seems to be busy with work, family, school, and life in general. The key is to book it on your calendar, sometimes even months in advance, and make it a top priority. Soon it will become a habit, and at the end of your trip, you’ll ask yourself, where are we going next year?