Ekin Ozlen creatively fuses her music with her luxury cosmeceutical brand, KERACELL. Her cutting-edge skincare and haircare products are endorsed by Hollywood Hills celebrity clients such as Kate Hudson, Erin Foster, Demi Moore, Chris Noth, Robert Vetica, Debra Messing, Sara Foster, Naomi Watts, Cate Blanchett, Linda Resnick, Samantha Hoopes, Rebel Wilson, and Vadhir Derbez.

As a living organ, facial skin confronts the harmful effects of radiation, pollution, poor nutrition, and aging every day. Damage shows up in the form of wrinkles, lines, and spots. Fortunately, men can reduce those undesirable signs of aging with a quick and easy skincare routine. Ekin Ozlen, CEO of the luxury line of haircare and skincare products known as KERACELL, shares tips to get that daily routine going.

Ekin Ozlen searches for the secrets of good skincare

Ozlen has been intrigued by skincare from an early age. “Skin has always held an elusive quality for me,” she recalls. “Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to have perfect skin and perfect hair. My foray into the modeling industry only strengthened this desire.”

As a Ford model, Ozlen discovered that perfect skin was a prerequisite. Her chief concern was hiding any sign of pigmentation, acne, or wrinkles. To remain competitive in the industry, she experimented with all the latest topical solutions, treatments, and procedures.

The quest for glowing, youthful skin led her to visit New York’s leading dermatological facilities. “I eventually married a plastic surgeon,” she remembers. “This further catapulted me into the skincare and beauty industry.” As wife to a plastic surgeon, Ozlen was fascinated to learn about treatments and injections and the scientific and surgical aspects of the industry.

The importance of skincare for men

Currently, Ozlen has many male clients, and that number is increasing rapidly. Though the desire to look and feel good is universal, sometimes men don’t know where to start when it comes to skincare. “Many clients initially find us when purchasing KERACELL’s anti-hair loss system,” she says,  “At that time, we are often able to introduce them to the importance of our skincare products as well.”

Skincare is essential for men. “It’s so important that men exfoliate, cleanse, and moisturize regularly to alleviate reactions from constantly shaving,” Ozlen says. Removing the top layer of skin each day leaves sensitive cells beneath open and vulnerable. The proper skincare will soothe and protect this layer.

Though skincare products don’t differ based on gender, Ozlen does advise men to choose products according to their skin type—normal, oily, dry, or a combination. “Every person’s skin is different,” she explains. “I’m proud to offer many different products for many different skin types.”

Recommended skincare products for men

Essential skincare products for men include a facial cleanser and a moisturizer. A facial cleanser will thoroughly wash and nourish men’s skin, while a  moisturizer will prevent their skin from becoming dry.        

Men should be certain to choose a cleanser designed specifically for their faces. Other body soaps are likely to irritate and dry out more delicate facial skin. It is important to check the ingredient list to verify that the cleanser is clean and toxin-free.

Beginning by washing with warm water allows men’s pores to expand. Cleansers are better able to wash and nourish the skin when they can enter pores easily. Cold water will force men’s pores to contract and cause their skincare products to be less effective.

For a thorough facial cleansing, Ozlen suggests men incorporate exfoliation into their daily routines. “Increasing the cell turnover on your skin through exfoliation is important,” she explains. “We have an amazing product to exfoliate the skin. It contains CBD and a powerful pineapple enzyme.”

After washing, men can follow with a moisturizer to hydrate their skin. “My husband loves using our pore-clearing cleanser, our pore-minimizing astringent, and especially our pore-refining moisturizer after he shaves,” remarks Ozlen. “The moisturizer is almost like an aftershave. It’s a very light emulsion with a cooling sensation.”

A well-designed skincare regimen doesn’t need to be complicated.  Just a few minutes each day delivers healthier and better-looking skin. “Basically, I recommend that men cleanse their faces each morning and evening,” says Ozlen. “In addition, a facial toner, moisturizer, and good eye cream should follow. And If I can get our male clients to add in a serum, I certainly recommend they do this before moisturizing.”

If men consistently implement skincare into their daily regimen, they will be rewarded with noticeable results. To learn more, readers can visit KERACELL’s website.