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What’s it like to experience New York Fashion Week for the very first time? I’ve reached out to my dear friend, Julia Comil, an LA Based Lifestyle/Fashion Blogger who traveled to NYC this February. Julia, the creative beauty behind “House of Comil” is sharing her insider secrets to make your experience an amazing one. Julia is one of the most gorgeous Influencers and she infuses her Parisian roots into her gorgeous images. Known for impeccable style and one of the most beautifully edited galleries on Instagram, Julia has quite the eye for beautiful design. Welcome, Julia.

CGO: Julia, thanks for being here! As someone who has never been to NYFW, there are a lot of insider secrets to create a successful experience. What was it like to attend your very first NYFW?

JC: Thanks so much for having me Catherine. NYFW was super fun and very intense. I have seen some very inspiring shows, discovered great brands and I was so excited that I almost wanted to fly to London, Milan and Paris to see the other shows and being able to compare.

CGO: I can only imagine. What surprised you the most about your experience?

JC: There are so many things going on around NYFW: parties, brand presentation, brunches dinners, etc. With so many options to choose, it’s hard to know which ones to select. It’s a veritable buffet for Fashion Bloggers.

The lovely Julia Comil

CGO: It sounds like there are a lot of different options. NYFW seems like it’s a pretty crazy and chaotic time in NYC. I loved the elegant videos you shared last time documenting your experience. Share with us the process of creating unusual content that will help you stand out from the pack?

JC: For me, a runway is so unique as it is the only moment where you can see the creative direction of a designer on his/her collection before being transformed in magazines, blogs or stores. Indeed, each show has its own story! In term of content, as it was my first fashion week, I wanted to give to my followers an insider view of the shows. I wanted to show them how it looks like to wait for a show, the ambiance of the show, and also what are the trends of the season. Then you can communicate this experience by doing instagram stories or live (check first the quality of the network before doing an instagram live), IG posts, video recaps, blog posts, etc. As an example, you can package your content to be a summary of your day (shows, parties, meetings, outfit of the day, etc.) or/and to highlight the trends or your crushes for the next season. Your creative vision and the way you tell a story will enable you to stand out! However, don’t forget to do a blog post to be re-invited to the next shows.

CGO: That’s a great suggestion. I hear it’s all about getting into the right shows with the right preferential seating or meeting with the top brands. What tips have you learned to earn invites to the best shows and to be seen by the top brands?

JC: Ah! this question is indeed a good question. To be honest I didn’t know how important it was for the bloggers to be sitting in the front row. Sometimes, it felt really ridiculous but it is important because it is also the best way for a blogger to get good images and videos. However most of the times, these places are not for new bloggers. If you dress well at a runway, the organizer can select you to be seated front row as there are always people not showing up. Then, in order to attend a prestigious show, it is more about doing your homework. These would be my suggestions to obtain seating in the ideal shows:

  • Contact the PR firms,
  • Send a pitch to these firms. A typical pitch should mention:
  • What is your blog about
  • What is your following on social media and on your blog (numbers, age, demography, etc.)
  • Why you love the brand
  • Why you are a good fit to speak about the label.
  • You can also contact every PR representative of the shows one month before the shows and chase them every week or two until the shows happen.

I really wanted to see the Victoria Beckham’s runway. Unfortunately I did not get into it but I was happy enough to get an answer from the PR. I believe that to be able to get to the big shows you need to grow your experience and your audience and to obtain a lot of different fashion week coverages.

CGO: Those are very helpful suggestions. I’ve heard that “streetstyle” photographers are on every corner during NYFW and everyone wants to have their image in the major fashion magazines. Are there any secrets you learned that would help you to stand out and be photographed?

JC: The best way to be photographed is first to walk around street style photographers and act very natural and don’t hesitate to walk around several times. Als,o those street style photographers have the FOMO (the fear of missing out). If you have someone taking pictures of you, they will also come to take pictures of you. Check out the schedule of the best shows as that’s a great time. They always come out for those shows.

CGO: Another great tip! Julia, you have an incredible sense of style. Clearly, dressing for NYFW can be very stressful for many women. What would you suggest they pack this fall to help them make an outstanding impression at fashion week?

JC: As a fashion blogger: playing with accessories (hats, boots, statement earrings, eye-catching bags) are the best way to be noticed during fashion week. Also contact Fashion PR showrooms to borrow the latest clothes (which are not in store yet).

CGO: It sure works for you as you’re always so beautifully put together. Did you happen to experience a proud moment during your time there?

JC: Yes, I did. I was so surprised to find that I was reposted on the official instagram of NYFW!

CGO: That’s amazing! I remember seeing your photo in the most gorgeous, colorful faux fur. It was brilliant. As this was the first time attending NYFW, what would you bring to be well prepared and to have the best opportunities while you’re there?

JC: I think it is important to be part of a group of bloggers (like Style Collective) or to go with a blogger friend to share tips and wait together (there is a lot of waiting involved at Fashion Week). Also don’t forget to pitch restaurants and contact brands you work with, they may have an event! Indeed you will be surprised to see how many events there are outside fashion week.

CGO: It sounds amazing and exhausting. Julia, you’re known for being incredibly organized and that’s a huge advantage with an event like fashion week. What are your greatest tips for staying organized and preparing for a full week of shows and events?

JC: Attending fashion week is a project with a road map. Here are my top suggestions:

  • It is easier to be invited at the NYFW in February than September. However February in New York is very cold.
  • You need to book your hotel or pitch for hotels at least two or three months in advance for February and between 6 to 4 months in advance for September.
  • Then, you need to pitch the press or PR of the brands two weeks to one month in advance. To pitch brands you can use the fashion calendar (you can get it on the CFDA website: and where you can look for PR contacts.
  • Try to also pitch brands to get sponsored clothes one to two months in advance.

CGO: It’s so great to receive your insider advice. Any tips for staying comfortable while looking super stylish?

JC: Layering is the key. Also if you find a stylish backpack don’t forget to bring it. Backpacks are always photographed during shows. I noticed that shoes with unusual details (embroidery, transparent heels, etc.) were also photographed a lot.

CGO: Such wonderful suggestions, Julia. As I’m headed there next week for my very first time, I can’t wait to try out your insider secrets. Thanks, Julia for sharing some incredible tips. Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

JC: If you are not invited to the official shows of NYFW, there are still a lot of other events and runways which need more coverage. Look at the Styleweek or AMNYC. Also check out the events on Eventbrite!

You can find Julia on Instagram: @juliacomil, Blog:, Pinterest: @juliacomil, Facebook: and Twitter: @juliacomil. Trust me, this one is one to follow! And for all of her V-logs from NYFW check out her YouTube channel.

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