The life is all about balance and how we accept our flaws. When we look around there are several problems and bruise that makes us hollow from inside. Many people bound their life with the fear of death but have you ever thought we die once but every other day we live.

Enough of philosophy lets jump into the direct motive of this blog. We have casted our gimlet eyes on the people around us including our lives as well. Taking everything into consideration, we try to understand life and what we found was astonishing. Life is very simple. The more you will dig deeper the more you will be trapped. Don’t you think that life is too short to get worried on silly little things? Therefore, we are here opening the Pandora’s Box to resurrect life with the happiness and joy.

Good Scent Good Life

Use good body floral perfumes not only to remove bad body odor but, also to sprinkle freshness to your every Good Morning. Lifestyle experts say that economy has witnessed increasing growth in the collection of best new ladies perfume specials and there is no end to this. Days are long gone when perfumes were part of women’s beauty collection only. Now, the men are also diving towards exclusive and luxurious perfume collections. The life-resurrecting smell of hundreds of flowers has been valued by the aromatherapy industry to infuse mental peace and resurrect body chakras. People with insomnia and stress have seen visible benefits by using their favorite body fragrance.

Follow the Advice that You Give to Your Best-Friend

We all are masters of life when it’s come to cheer up our best friend but why do we sink down when it comes to us. The quest is very simple. We are afraid of accepting things and think “why only me?” Instead of focusing on “Why”, learn the mantra “How” I will evacuate my body and mental peace from all this drag. Keep yourself in your friend’s shoes and now think how you would have guided others on the same muddle. Believe yourself and follow your own guidelines of living life again.

Sleep Tight Keep Yourself out from the Negativity

Our body repairs and rejuvenates while we are sleeping. By providing optimum rest to our body, it helps us focus more and be more productive. Undoubtedly, a fresh mind and better work production boosts happiness and self-satisfaction.

Meanwhile, it guards our brain from the negative thoughts and hindrance. To add more connotations, let’s understand in depth. Amygdala is responsible for the production of negative stimuli and hippocampus for positive or neutral memories. A stagnant sleep deviation is more harmful for the hippocampus than the amygdala. In simpler words, lack of sleep can deprive the tendency of remembering memories. An Experiment revealed that students who sleep less remember 81% of negative words from the whole word-book like cancer and death.

Do Anything That Makes You Happy Once in a While

Childhood days were indeed amazing because we had time to do our hobbies on the top of homework. Still grinning, how funny that portrait was and the creation stained your school shirt for which you were punished by mother. Hey! Let’s do that again but this time wear old t-shirt. Once in a while you should do something that will bring your childhood back. Doing this improves confidence, creativity and infuses self-love.

Conclusion: Life is simple. All you need is to cheer and believe yourself. Therefore, this weekend keep your phone aside and give your soul a booster of happiness. Leave everything behind, live a secret life and tell no one.


  • Hi, I am a writer, columnist and an editorial fellow. My previous work includes roles in digital journalism and content writer. I did graduation in Marketing. For my Post graduate thesis, i researched on insights into how people thinks and motivations, i help client to develop and strengthen their brand.