After you receive your bundle of joy, you feel so fulfilled and a joy that is out of this world floods your heart. But then, there are the thoughts of and the worries of how to go about raising your new born especially if you are a new mum. And that’s not all; thoughts of how to lose your baby fat keep on haunting you. You’ve probably seen people who regain their pre-pregnancy weight almost immediately after delivery. All the same, people are different and the journey towards shedding baby fat differs from person to person. What you need is to follow your own path without comparing yourself to others.

Losing weight seems like such a daunting task given that a new mum has lots of tasks and responsibilities to attend to. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible and I am just about to show you how practical that is.

Most convenient tips to lose your baby weight

· Breastfeed your baby. According to the American Pregnancy Association, breastfeeding alone burns between 400-700 calories a day. That means that even if you sat the whole day and the only thing you did was nursing your baby, you still would lose some weight. Nursing your baby also triggers the production of Oxytocin which helps your body to relax.

· Sleep enough. I know it sounds like a big joke given that there’s so much to be done while some babies hardly sleep. But then, sleep is paramount if you need to shed those extra pounds gained during pregnancy. Whenever your baby goes to sleep, join them also since you may not get any other chance to enjoy some sleep. When you are deprived of sleep, you are likely to feel hungrier even if you have eaten to satisfaction leading to overeating.

· Do simple exercises. After delivery, the body feels weak and somehow sluggish. However, paying too much attention to the sluggishness won’t allow you to exercise your body. Try squeeze some time every day to take a walk around the compound, walk up and down the stairs or do some weights. For weights, you can lift your baby above your chest a few times to begin with then, with time you can do heavier weights.

· Watch your diet. After delivery, your body needs healing and a healthy diet is paramount. Do more veggies and foods rich in fiber. Drink lots of water and also avoid sugary foods. Veggies are low in calories and they make you feel full and so is drinking lots of water. You therefore won’t fall into temptations of eating more than necessary.

· Be keen about your portions. The fact that you are breastfeeding doesn’t mean that you eat for two. Eat only what is enough and drink more water for more breast milk. It is advisable that you eat little portions of food often instead of eating large amounts that end up being stored in your body as fat. Eat healthy snacks throughout the day to avoid eating too much in the evening.

· Be patient. Don’t pressure yourself about losing your weight and never strain yourself at the expense of your health. Your health is as important as the health of your young one. It may take up to one year to have your perfect shape again but it shall finally come if you work for it and are patient.


When it comes to weight loss, discipline and willingness are crucial. Be positive and surround yourself with people who give you the necessary support. You can for instance team up with other moms who are also in the journey towards losing their baby weight. You may also consider working with a fitness expert or a dietitian to guide you through.