With the world still in the grips of a pandemic, business shifted to employees working from home, customers shopping online and business transactions going virtual. Regardless of industry, to survive, small business owners need to leverage tech. Here are some of the latest tech tools helping entrepreneurs weather the COVID crisis.

Elements Global Services

While travel borders remain closed, businesses can use tech to expand globally despite these challenges with Elements Global Services. The HR technology and services company offers proprietary software that helps companies navigate the challenges of going global. The program guides users through local tax and labor laws, in-country capital requirements and compliant payroll and benefits disbursements.

Equus Software

Once you have a global workforce you also need a way to manage employees and Equus Software has the solution. Its cloud-based global mobility management solution allows companies to track and manage employees working internationally, traveling for business or working remotely, while also making sure they are staying compliant within foreign laws and tax codes.


Today, one of the greatest assets a company has is its data. Aparavi is a data intelligence company that helps small businesses find and leverage the value of its data. Aparavi’s cloud-based SaaS platform finds, automates, governs, and consolidates distributed data. Aparavi ensures secure access for modern data demand of analytics, machine learning, and collaboration.


Businesses are forced to do more with less these days, making confidence in any operational decision paramount. OpsVeda uses advanced analytics and machine learning to analyze events in real time to provide specific quantity and value assessments relating to the events. This helps teams simplify and optimize hundreds of business decisions that need to be made in order to improve speed and scalability.


It’s no surprise that small businesses have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic and many brick-and-mortar retailers have had to pivot their presence online in order to keep their doors open.

GOFBA,  a leading secure search engine and communication platform with 45 million users wanted to help businesses during this crucial time by launching a new program called, Five Star Business Listing. With an honest review platform, location-based ads and geodata, small businesses have the opportunity to build their online presence and reach an engaged audience in their vicinity through targeted campaigns.


2020 was the year that technology revolutionized the accounting profession. TaxPlanIQ is a web application that helps accountants and tax firm owners find the best cost-saving tax strategies for clients. The software helps with tax calculations, planning and organization.


Finding skilled workers is a challenge for any business. Knack.io is the ultimate job-finding platform for tech and engineering workers. It aggregates jobs from agencies, hiring managers, and job boards to present highly targeted employment opportunities to both candidates and technical recruiters. With a truly global remote workforce, Knack.io can help small businesses leverage the best talent regardless of location.

Grow Hair Clients

Personal service providers like salons have been hit especially hard during the pandemic. Grow Hair Clients provides business coaching and a nine-step program, that through marketing automation, helps hair stylists and salon owners add up to 10 new clients a month and continue to drive revenue and scaled their business on a monthly basis.

Raintree Systems

Healthcare is one of the hottest industries right now. Raintree Systems offers comprehensive EMR/EHR and practice management solutions designed to optimize productivity and operational efficiency for clinical practices. These tools can be used by any type of practice and seamlessly integrates scheduling, clinical documentation, billing and patient communication systems.

No matter what industry your business is in, having the right tech is key to success in 2021.